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Detailed Translations for have on from English to Dutch

have on:

to have on verb (has on, had on, having on)

  1. to have on (wear)
    dragen; aan hebben
    • dragen verb (draag, draagt, droeg, droegen, gedragen)
    • aan hebben verb (heb aan, habt aan, heeft aan, had aan, hadden aan, aan gehad)
  2. to have on
    • ophebben verb (heb op, hebt op, had op, hadden op, opgehad)

Conjugations for have on:

  1. have on
  2. have on
  3. has on
  4. have on
  5. have on
  6. have on
simple past
  1. had on
  2. had on
  3. had on
  4. had on
  5. had on
  6. had on
present perfect
  1. have had on
  2. have had on
  3. has had on
  4. have had on
  5. have had on
  6. have had on
past continuous
  1. was having on
  2. were having on
  3. was having on
  4. were having on
  5. were having on
  6. were having on
  1. shall have on
  2. will have on
  3. will have on
  4. shall have on
  5. will have on
  6. will have on
continuous present
  1. am having on
  2. are having on
  3. is having on
  4. are having on
  5. are having on
  6. are having on
  1. be had on
  2. be had on
  3. be had on
  4. be had on
  5. be had on
  6. be had on
  1. have on!
  2. let's have on!
  3. had on
  4. having on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for have on:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aan hebben have on; wear
dragen have on; wear bear; endure; persist; prop; prop up; shore; stand; support; tolerate
ophebben have on
- wear

Synonyms for "have on":

Related Definitions for "have on":

  1. be dressed in1

Wiktionary Translations for have on:

have on
  1. (inergatief) een kledingstuk of sierraad dragen

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