Detailed Translations for isolate from English to Dutch


to isolate verb (isolates, isolated, isolating)

  1. to isolate (separate; dissociate from; place apart)
    afscheiden; afzonderen; isoleren; afsplitsen
    • afscheiden verb (scheid af, scheidt af, scheidde af, scheidden af, afgescheiden)
    • afzonderen verb (zonder af, zondert af, zonderde af, zonderden af, afgezonderd)
    • isoleren verb (isoleer, isoleert, isoleerde, isoleerden, geïsoleerd)
    • afsplitsen verb (splits af, splitst af, splitste af, splitsten af, afgesplitst)
  2. to isolate (make cold-resistant)
    koudebestendig maken; isoleren
    • koudebestendig maken verb (maak koudebestendig, maakt koudebestendig, maakte koudebestendig, maakten koudebestendig, koudebestendig gemaakt)
    • isoleren verb (isoleer, isoleert, isoleerde, isoleerden, geïsoleerd)
  3. to isolate
    isoleren; afzijdig stellen
  4. to isolate (seal; make cold-resistant)
    afdichten; dichten
    • afdichten verb (dicht af, dichtte af, dichtten af, afgedicht)
    • dichten verb (dicht, dichtte, dichtten, gedicht)

Conjugations for isolate:

  1. isolate
  2. isolate
  3. isolates
  4. isolate
  5. isolate
  6. isolate
simple past
  1. isolated
  2. isolated
  3. isolated
  4. isolated
  5. isolated
  6. isolated
present perfect
  1. have isolated
  2. have isolated
  3. has isolated
  4. have isolated
  5. have isolated
  6. have isolated
past continuous
  1. was isolating
  2. were isolating
  3. was isolating
  4. were isolating
  5. were isolating
  6. were isolating
  1. shall isolate
  2. will isolate
  3. will isolate
  4. shall isolate
  5. will isolate
  6. will isolate
continuous present
  1. am isolating
  2. are isolating
  3. is isolating
  4. are isolating
  5. are isolating
  6. are isolating
  1. be isolated
  2. be isolated
  3. be isolated
  4. be isolated
  5. be isolated
  6. be isolated
  1. isolate!
  2. let's isolate!
  3. isolated
  4. isolating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for isolate:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afsplitsen split
dichten writing poetry
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afdichten isolate; make cold-resistant; seal
afscheiden dissociate from; isolate; place apart; separate differentiate; discharge; disgorge; drain; empty; expel; remove; separate; split; tear off
afsplitsen dissociate from; isolate; place apart; separate differentiate; separate; split; split off; strip off; tear off
afzijdig stellen isolate
afzonderen dissociate from; isolate; place apart; separate differentiate; remove; seclude; secluding; separate; set apart; split; tear off
dichten isolate; make cold-resistant; seal bind; caulk; close; demarcate; fence off; fill gaps; plug; put under seal; seal; shut; stop; stop holes; stop up; write poetry
isoleren dissociate from; isolate; make cold-resistant; place apart; separate detain; seclude; separate; set apart
koudebestendig maken isolate; make cold-resistant
- insulate; keep apart; sequester; sequestrate; set apart
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- cultivate in isolation

Related Words for "isolate":

Synonyms for "isolate":

Related Definitions for "isolate":

  1. place or set apart1
    • They isolated the political prisoners from the other inmates1
  2. set apart from others1
  3. obtain in pure form1
    • The chemist managed to isolate the compound1
  4. separate (experiences) from the emotions relating to them1

Wiktionary Translations for isolate:

  1. transitive, microbiology: to separate a pure strain of bacteria etc. from a mixed culture
  2. transitive: to insulate an electrical component from a source of electricity
  3. transitive, chemistry: to separate a substance in pure form from a mixture
  4. transitive: to place in quarantine or isolation
  5. transitive: to insulate, or make free of external influence
  6. transitive: to set apart or cut off from others
  1. persoonlijk
  2. chemisch

Cross Translation:
isolate isoleren isolieren — ein Argument oder einen Standpunkt für sich allein betrachten
isolate isoleren isolieren — ein Teil von einer Menge trennen
isolate afzonderen; isoleren isolerséparer un lieu ou un objet de ce qui l’entoure.