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Detailed Translations for lightness from English to Dutch


lightness [the ~] noun

  1. the lightness (airiness)
    de lichtheid
  2. the lightness (airiness)
    de luchtigheid

Translation Matrix for lightness:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lichtheid airiness; lightness
luchtigheid airiness; lightness
- agility; elation; high spirits; legerity; light; lightsomeness; nimbleness; weightlessness

Synonyms for "lightness":

Antonyms for "lightness":

Related Definitions for "lightness":

  1. the trait of being lighthearted and frivolous1
  2. the visual effect of illumination on objects or scenes as created in pictures1
  3. having a light color1
  4. the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble1
  5. the property of being comparatively small in weight1
    • the lightness of balsa wood1
  6. a feeling of joy and pride1
  7. The quality of a color that makes it appear brighter (closer to white) or darker (closer to black).2

Wiktionary Translations for lightness:

Cross Translation:
lightness helderheid Helligkeit — Vorhandensein von Licht