Detailed Translations for mentality from English to Dutch


mentality [the ~] noun

  1. the mentality (state of mind)
    de instelling; de mentaliteit; de houding
  2. the mentality (getting sharp)
    de instelling; de scherpstelling; de afstelling
  3. the mentality (mental attitude; mind-set; state of mind; attitude of mind; mental make-up)
    de geesteshouding
  4. the mentality (state of mind; mood; mental state; )
    de geestestoestand

Translation Matrix for mentality:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afstelling getting sharp; mentality adjusting; adjustment; equalisation; equalization; synchronisation; synchronization; tune in to; tuning
geesteshouding attitude of mind; mental attitude; mental make-up; mentality; mind-set; state of mind
geestestoestand frame of mind; mental make-up; mental state; mentality; mind-set; mood; state of mind
houding mentality; state of mind attitude; position; posture; price; quotation; rate; stand; stock price; value
instelling getting sharp; mentality; state of mind adjustment; bureau; establishment; foundation; founding; installation; mental state; office; organisation; organization; setting; tuning
mentaliteit mentality; state of mind character; disposition; heart; mind; soul
scherpstelling getting sharp; mentality
- brain; brainpower; learning ability; mental capacity; mind-set; mindset; outlook; wit

Related Words for "mentality":

  • mentalities

Synonyms for "mentality":

Related Definitions for "mentality":

  1. mental ability1
  2. a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations1

Wiktionary Translations for mentality:

  1. mindset
Cross Translation:
mentality mentaliteit; denkwijze; geestesgesteldheid mentalitéétat d’esprit, habitudes de pensée.

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