Detailed Translations for precept from English to Dutch


precept [the ~] noun

  1. the precept (regulation; rule)
    de richtlijn; het voorschrift; het richtsnoer
  2. the precept (axiom; dogma; fundamental property; maxim; tenet)
    het axioma; de grondstelling; grondeigenschap
  3. the precept (main proposition; principle; central argument; maxim)
    de grondstelling; de hoofdstelling

Translation Matrix for precept:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
axioma axiom; dogma; fundamental property; maxim; precept; tenet
grondeigenschap axiom; dogma; fundamental property; maxim; precept; tenet
grondstelling axiom; central argument; dogma; fundamental property; main proposition; maxim; precept; principle; tenet basic assumption; basic principle; basic rule; basic thought; basis; fundamental idea; initial concept; motivation; point of departure; principle; rule of life; starting point
hoofdstelling central argument; main proposition; maxim; precept; principle
richtlijn precept; regulation; rule charter; directive; guide; guideline; house rules; statute
richtsnoer precept; regulation; rule
voorschrift precept; regulation; rule assignment; command; instruction; order; prescription; recommendation; regulation
- commandment; principle; teaching

Related Words for "precept":

  • precepts

Synonyms for "precept":

Related Definitions for "precept":

  1. a doctrine that is taught1
    • he believed all the Christian precepts1
  2. rule of personal conduct1

Wiktionary Translations for precept:

  1. rule or principle governing personal conduct