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Detailed Translations for slobber from English to Dutch


to slobber verb (slobbers, slobbered, slobbering)

  1. to slobber (slaver; dribble; jabber; )
    kwijlen; zeveren
    • kwijlen verb (kwijl, kwijlt, kwijlde, kwijlden, gekwijld)
    • zeveren verb (zever, zevert, zeverde, zeverden, gezeverd)
  2. to slobber (cough up slime; drivel; slaver)
    slijm opgeven; slijmen
    • slijm opgeven verb (geef slijm op, geeft slijm op, gaf slijm op, gaven slijm op, slijm opgegeven)
    • slijmen verb (slijm, slijmt, slijmde, slijmden, geslijmd)

Conjugations for slobber:

  1. slobber
  2. slobber
  3. slobbers
  4. slobber
  5. slobber
  6. slobber
simple past
  1. slobbered
  2. slobbered
  3. slobbered
  4. slobbered
  5. slobbered
  6. slobbered
present perfect
  1. have slobbered
  2. have slobbered
  3. has slobbered
  4. have slobbered
  5. have slobbered
  6. have slobbered
past continuous
  1. was slobbering
  2. were slobbering
  3. was slobbering
  4. were slobbering
  5. were slobbering
  6. were slobbering
  1. shall slobber
  2. will slobber
  3. will slobber
  4. shall slobber
  5. will slobber
  6. will slobber
continuous present
  1. am slobbering
  2. are slobbering
  3. is slobbering
  4. are slobbering
  5. are slobbering
  6. are slobbering
  1. be slobbered
  2. be slobbered
  3. be slobbered
  4. be slobbered
  5. be slobbered
  6. be slobbered
  1. slobber!
  2. let's slobber!
  3. slobbered
  4. slobbering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

slobber [the ~] noun

  1. the slobber (mucus)
    de slijm
  2. the slobber
    de kwijl; slijmachtig speeksel

Translation Matrix for slobber:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kwijl slobber saliva; spit; spittle
kwijlen dribbling
slijm mucus; slobber
slijmachtig speeksel slobber
slijmen slime
zeveren drooling
- dribble; drivel; drool
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kwijlen babble; blab; chat; chatter; dribble; drone on; gab; jabber; prattle; prattle on; slaver; slobber; talk crap; talk rubbish; waffle
slijm opgeven cough up slime; drivel; slaver; slobber cough up phlegm; expectorate; raise phlegm
slijmen cough up slime; drivel; slaver; slobber
zeveren babble; blab; chat; chatter; dribble; drone on; gab; jabber; prattle; prattle on; slaver; slobber; talk crap; talk rubbish; waffle babble; blab; chat; chatter; drivel; gab; have a chat; jabber; jaw; prattle; prattle on; rot; talk crap; talk rot; talk rubbish; twaddle
- dribble; drivel; drool; slabber; slaver
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- dribble; drivel; slaver

Related Words for "slobber":

  • slobbering, slobbers

Synonyms for "slobber":

Related Definitions for "slobber":

  1. saliva spilling from the mouth1
  2. let saliva drivel from the mouth1

Wiktionary Translations for slobber:

  1. To allow saliva or liquid to run from one's mouth