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  1. smooth over:


Detailed Translations for smooth over from English to Dutch

smooth over:

to smooth over verb (smooths over, smoothed over, smoothing over)

  1. to smooth over (trivialize; play down; gloss over; trivialise)
    bagatelliseren; vergoelijken
    • bagatelliseren verb (bagatelliseer, bagatelliseert, bagatelliseerde, bagatelliseerden, gebagetelliseerd)
    • vergoelijken verb (vergoelijk, vergoelijkt, vergoelijkte, vergoelijkten, vergoelijkt)
  2. to smooth over (extenuate; excuse; palliate)
    • vergoelijken verb (vergoelijk, vergoelijkt, vergoelijkte, vergoelijkten, vergoelijkt)

Conjugations for smooth over:

  1. smooth over
  2. smooth over
  3. smooths over
  4. smooth over
  5. smooth over
  6. smooth over
simple past
  1. smoothed over
  2. smoothed over
  3. smoothed over
  4. smoothed over
  5. smoothed over
  6. smoothed over
present perfect
  1. have smoothed over
  2. have smoothed over
  3. has smoothed over
  4. have smoothed over
  5. have smoothed over
  6. have smoothed over
past continuous
  1. was smoothing over
  2. were smoothing over
  3. was smoothing over
  4. were smoothing over
  5. were smoothing over
  6. were smoothing over
  1. shall smooth over
  2. will smooth over
  3. will smooth over
  4. shall smooth over
  5. will smooth over
  6. will smooth over
continuous present
  1. am smoothing over
  2. are smoothing over
  3. is smoothing over
  4. are smoothing over
  5. are smoothing over
  6. are smoothing over
  1. be smoothed over
  2. be smoothed over
  3. be smoothed over
  4. be smoothed over
  5. be smoothed over
  6. be smoothed over
  1. smooth over!
  2. let's smooth over!
  3. smoothed over
  4. smoothing over
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

smooth over [the ~] noun

  1. the smooth over (excuse)
    de vergoelijking

Translation Matrix for smooth over:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
vergoelijking excuse; smooth over explaining-away; extenuation; smoothing-over
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bagatelliseren gloss over; play down; smooth over; trivialise; trivialize play down; trivialise; trivialize
vergoelijken excuse; extenuate; gloss over; palliate; play down; smooth over; trivialise; trivialize
- gloss over; skate over; skimp over; slur over

Synonyms for "smooth over":

Related Definitions for "smooth over":

  1. treat hurriedly or avoid dealing with properly1

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