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  1. stabilise:


Detailed Translations for stabilise from English to Dutch


to stabilise verb, British

  1. to stabilise (stabilize)
    stabiliseren; stabiel maken
    • stabiliseren verb (stabiliseer, stabiliseert, stabiliseerde, stabiliseerden, gestabiliseerd)
    • stabiel maken verb (maak stabiel, maakt stabiel, maakte stabiel, maakten stabiel, stabiel gemaakt)

Translation Matrix for stabilise:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
stabiel maken stabilise; stabilize
stabiliseren stabilise; stabilize
- brace; stabilize; steady

Synonyms for "stabilise":

Antonyms for "stabilise":

  • destabilize; destabilise

Related Definitions for "stabilise":

  1. make stable and keep from fluctuating or put into an equilibrium1
  2. become stable or more stable1
  3. support or hold steady and make steadfast, with or as if with a brace1