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Detailed Translations for swerve from English to Dutch


swerve [the ~] noun

  1. the swerve (turn; change)
    de wending; richtingsverandering
  2. the swerve (turn; curve)
    de zwenking

to swerve verb (swerves, swerved, swerving)

  1. to swerve (evade; elude)

Conjugations for swerve:

  1. swerve
  2. swerve
  3. swerves
  4. swerve
  5. swerve
  6. swerve
simple past
  1. swerved
  2. swerved
  3. swerved
  4. swerved
  5. swerved
  6. swerved
present perfect
  1. have swerved
  2. have swerved
  3. has swerved
  4. have swerved
  5. have swerved
  6. have swerved
past continuous
  1. was swerving
  2. were swerving
  3. was swerving
  4. were swerving
  5. were swerving
  6. were swerving
  1. shall swerve
  2. will swerve
  3. will swerve
  4. shall swerve
  5. will swerve
  6. will swerve
continuous present
  1. am swerving
  2. are swerving
  3. is swerving
  4. are swerving
  5. are swerving
  6. are swerving
  1. be swerved
  2. be swerved
  3. be swerved
  4. be swerved
  5. be swerved
  6. be swerved
  1. swerve!
  2. let's swerve!
  3. swerved
  4. swerving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for swerve:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
richtingsverandering change; swerve; turn
wending change; swerve; turn alteration; altering; change; change of form; changing; conversion; crisis; emergency situation; inversion; reformation; remodelling; rotation; state of emergency; transformation; transposition; turn; turning-point
zwenking curve; swerve; turn
- swerving; veering; yaw
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
uitwijken voor iets elude; evade; swerve
- curve; cut; sheer; slew; slue; trend; veer

Related Words for "swerve":

Synonyms for "swerve":

Related Definitions for "swerve":

  1. the act of turning aside suddenly1
  2. an erratic deflection from an intended course1
  3. turn sharply; change direction abruptly1

Wiktionary Translations for swerve:

  1. to wander from a line, rule or duty

Cross Translation:
swerve zwier Schwung — heftige, starke, zügige Bewegung
swerve endosseren; gireren; wenden virer — À trier

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