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Detailed Translations for water down from English to Dutch

water down:

to water down verb (waters down, watered down, watering down)

  1. to water down (dilute; adulterate)
    verdunnen; versnijden; verwateren; aanlengen
    • verdunnen verb (verdun, verdunt, verdunde, verdunden, verdund)
    • versnijden verb (versnijd, versnijdt, versneed, versneden, versneden)
    • verwateren verb (verwater, verwatert, verwaterde, verwaterden, verwaterd)
    • aanlengen verb (leng aan, lengt aan, lengde aan, lengden aan, aangelengd)

Conjugations for water down:

  1. water down
  2. water down
  3. waters down
  4. water down
  5. water down
  6. water down
simple past
  1. watered down
  2. watered down
  3. watered down
  4. watered down
  5. watered down
  6. watered down
present perfect
  1. have watered down
  2. have watered down
  3. has watered down
  4. have watered down
  5. have watered down
  6. have watered down
past continuous
  1. was watering down
  2. were watering down
  3. was watering down
  4. were watering down
  5. were watering down
  6. were watering down
  1. shall water down
  2. will water down
  3. will water down
  4. shall water down
  5. will water down
  6. will water down
continuous present
  1. am watering down
  2. are watering down
  3. is watering down
  4. are watering down
  5. are watering down
  6. are watering down
  1. be watered down
  2. be watered down
  3. be watered down
  4. be watered down
  5. be watered down
  6. be watered down
  1. water down!
  2. let's water down!
  3. watered down
  4. watering down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for water down:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanlengen adulterate; dilute; water down
verdunnen adulterate; dilute; water down
versnijden adulterate; dilute; water down cut to waste; cut up; spoil in cutting
verwateren adulterate; dilute; water down
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- dilute; thin down

Synonyms for "water down":

Related Definitions for "water down":

  1. thin by adding water to1
  2. make less strong or intense1
    • water down the mixture1

Wiktionary Translations for water down:

water down
  1. to dilute
  2. to make weaker

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