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Translation Matrix for looker:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- spectator; viewer; watcher; witness

Synonyms for "looker":

Related Definitions for "looker":

  1. a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind)1

Wiktionary Translations for looker:

  1. slang: good-looking one


to look verb (looks, looked, looking)

  1. to look (inspect; watch; look on)
    titta; se på; betrakta; inspektera
    • titta verb (tittar, tittade, tittat)
    • se på verb (ser på, såg på, sett på)
    • betrakta verb (betraktar, betraktade, betraktat)
    • inspektera verb (inspekterar, inspekterade, inspekterat)
  2. to look (appear; look like)
    se ut som; verka vara; lika som
    • se ut som verb (ser ut som, såg ut som, sett ut som)
    • verka vara verb (verkar vara, verkade vara, verkat vara)
    • lika som verb (likar som, likade som, likat som)
  3. to look (seem; appear; look like)
    tyckas; verka; se ut att
    • tyckas verb (tycker, tyckte, tyckt)
    • verka verb (verkar, verkade, verkat)
    • se ut att verb (ser ut att, såg ut att, sett ut att)
  4. to look (cast an eye on; glance; look on; watch)
    kasta en blick på; snegla
    • kasta en blick på verb (kastar en blick på, kastade en blick på, kastat en blick på)
    • snegla verb (sneglar, sneglade, sneglat)

Conjugations for look:

  1. look
  2. look
  3. looks
  4. look
  5. look
  6. look
simple past
  1. looked
  2. looked
  3. looked
  4. looked
  5. looked
  6. looked
present perfect
  1. have looked
  2. have looked
  3. has looked
  4. have looked
  5. have looked
  6. have looked
past continuous
  1. was looking
  2. were looking
  3. was looking
  4. were looking
  5. were looking
  6. were looking
  1. shall look
  2. will look
  3. will look
  4. shall look
  5. will look
  6. will look
continuous present
  1. am looking
  2. are looking
  3. is looking
  4. are looking
  5. are looking
  6. are looking
  1. be looked
  2. be looked
  3. be looked
  4. be looked
  5. be looked
  6. be looked
  1. look!
  2. let's look!
  3. looked
  4. looking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

look [the ~] noun

  1. the look (appearance; exterior; looks)
  2. the look (facial expression; expression)
    uttryck; ansiktsuttryck; min
  3. the look
    blick; titt
  4. the look (view; sight; vision)
    åsyn; syn; anblick
  5. the look (glance)
    ögonkast; titt


  1. look (gaze; glance)
  2. look

Translation Matrix for look:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anblick look; sight; view; vision appearance
ansiktsuttryck expression; facial expression; look
blick look
framträdande appearance; exterior; look; looks appearance; looks; obtrusiveness; sight
inspektera inspection; view; visit
min expression; facial expression; look
syn look; sight; view; vision conviction; creed; disposition; idea; inclination; judgement; notion; opinion; perception; view; vision
titt glance; look
uttryck expression; facial expression; look comment; declaration; expression; expression of opinion; expressions; idiom; letting out; meaning; phrase; remark; saying; statement; term; turn of phrase; utterance
åsyn look; sight; view; vision
ögonkast glance; look glance; ogle
- aspect; expression; face; facial expression; feel; feeling; flavor; flavour; looking; looking at; smell; spirit; tone
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
betrakta inspect; look; look on; watch eye; look at; observe; see; spectate; view; watch
inspektera inspect; look; look on; watch audit; check; control; examine; inspect; look at; look over; see; see over; see round; survey; verify; view; visit
kasta en blick på cast an eye on; glance; look; look on; watch cast a glance; cast a look; glance over; skim
lika som appear; look; look like
se på inspect; look; look on; watch look at
se ut att appear; look; look like; seem
se ut som appear; look; look like
snegla cast an eye on; glance; look; look on; watch flirt; make eyes at someone; ogle
titta inspect; look; look on; watch
tyckas appear; look; look like; seem look like; seem
verka appear; look; look like; seem occur to
verka vara appear; look; look like
- appear; attend; await; bet; calculate; count; depend; expect; face; front; reckon; search; see; seem; take care; wait
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blicka gaze; glance; look
lika som as much; just as
min my
uppsyn look
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
framträdande influential; prominent
titt peekaboo

Related Words for "look":

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Related Definitions for "look":

  1. the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually1
    • he went out to have a look1
    • his look was fixed on her eyes1
  2. physical appearance1
    • I don't like the looks of this place1
  3. the feelings expressed on a person's face1
    • a look of triumph1
  4. the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people1
  5. have a certain outward or facial expression1
    • How does she look?1
    • The child looks unhappy1
    • She looked pale after the surgery1
  6. have faith or confidence in1
  7. look forward to the probable occurrence of1
    • She is looking to a promotion1
  8. convey by one's expression1
    • She looked her devotion to me1
  9. perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards1
    • She looked over the expanse of land1
  10. give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect1
    • This project looks fishy1
  11. search or seek1
    • We looked all day and finally found the child in the forest1
  12. take charge of or deal with1
  13. accord in appearance with1
    • You don't look your age!1
  14. be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to1
    • The house looks north1
    • My backyard look onto the pond1

Wiktionary Translations for look:

  1. facial expression
  2. physical appearance
  3. action of looking
  1. to try to see
  2. to appear, to seem
  3. to search

Cross Translation:
look spana; kika; kolla; se; titta kijken~ naar: gericht of met aandacht waarnemen met het oog
look yttre; utseende Aussehen — das Erscheinungsbild, das Äußere
look blick Blick — Augenausdruck
look min Miene — äußere Erscheinung, mit besonderer Betonung des Gesichts
look uppsyn; min; anletsdrag Miene — Gesichtszüge als situativer Wesens- bzw. Gemütsausdruck
look se ut aussehen — ein Bild nach außen abgeben
look se; blicka; titta blickenintransitiv: seinen Blick auf jemanden/etwas wenden und es bewusst wahrnehmen
look kika; se ut gucken — (umgangssprachlich) ein bestimmtes Gesicht machen
look titta; kika gucken — (umgangssprachlich) seine Augen auf etwas richten
look skåda; titta; spana lugenschauen, starren
look titta; se schauen — mehr aktiv als passiv mit den Augen wahrnehmen (also oft willentlich, aus eigenem Bestreben heraus/ durch eigenes Zutun herbeigeführt)
look se ut schauen — einen bestimmten Gesichtsausdruck haben (siehe auch dreinschauen, dreinblicken)
look se sehen — aktiv und passiv wahrnehmen über das Sinnesorgan 'Auge'
look hastighet; tempo; anblick; anseende; vy allurefaçon d’aller, de marcher.
look blick coup d’œil — Regard prompt
look min mineair qui résulter de la conformation extérieure de la personne, et principalement du visage.
look synas; tyckas; förefalla paraître — Sembler, avoir l'apparence
look söka om igen rechercher — (1)
look eftersträva; söka vinna rechercher — (4)
look synas; tyckas sembler — avoir l’air, l’apparence

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