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  1. put right:


Detailed Translations for put right from English to Swedish

put right:

to put right verb (puts right, put right, putting right)

  1. to put right (rectify; set right)
    rätta till; rättgöra
    • rätta till verb (rättar till, rättade till, rättat till)
    • rättgöra verb (rättgör, rättgjorde, rättgjort)
  2. to put right (put in order; get settled)
    • ordna verb (ordnar, ordnade, ordnat)

Conjugations for put right:

  1. put right
  2. put right
  3. puts right
  4. put right
  5. put right
  6. put right
simple past
  1. put right
  2. put right
  3. put right
  4. put right
  5. put right
  6. put right
present perfect
  1. have put right
  2. have put right
  3. has put right
  4. have put right
  5. have put right
  6. have put right
past continuous
  1. was putting right
  2. were putting right
  3. was putting right
  4. were putting right
  5. were putting right
  6. were putting right
  1. shall put right
  2. will put right
  3. will put right
  4. shall put right
  5. will put right
  6. will put right
continuous present
  1. am putting right
  2. are putting right
  3. is putting right
  4. are putting right
  5. are putting right
  6. are putting right
  1. be put right
  2. be put right
  3. be put right
  4. be put right
  5. be put right
  6. be put right
  1. put right!
  2. let's put right!
  3. put right
  4. putting right
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

put right

  1. put right (fix)

Translation Matrix for put right:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ordna get settled; put in order; put right archivate; arrange; arrange something; assort; charge; class; classify; document; file; fix; group; instal; install; ordain; order; organise; organize; put in order; range; rank; regulate; select; set up; settle; shunt; sift; sort out; store; straighten out
rätta till put right; rectify; set right adjust; make good; make up; put up; raise; rectify; straighten
rättgöra put right; rectify; set right
- iron out; straighten out
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
greja fix; put right

Synonyms for "put right":

Related Definitions for "put right":

  1. settle or put right1

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