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Detailed Translations for cabine from Dutch to English


cabine [de ~ (v)] noun

  1. de cabine (kamertje)
    the cabin
  2. de cabine (cockpit; stuurcabine)
    the cabin; the cockpit; the control-cabin; the driver's cabin
  3. de cabine (kajuit; hut)
    the cabin; the saloon
  4. de cabine (kleedcabine)
    the cabin; the dressing room; the cubicle
  5. de cabine (telefooncel; spreekcel)
    the phone box; the phone booth; the call-box

Translation Matrix for cabine:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cabin cabine; cockpit; hut; kajuit; kamertje; kleedcabine; stuurcabine stuurhuis; stuurhut
call-box cabine; spreekcel; telefooncel
cockpit cabine; cockpit; stuurcabine cockpit
control-cabin cabine; cockpit; stuurcabine
cubicle cabine; kleedcabine badhokje; kleedhokje; kleedkamer; stemhokje
dressing room cabine; kleedcabine
driver's cabin cabine; cockpit; stuurcabine
phone booth cabine; spreekcel; telefooncel
phone box cabine; spreekcel; telefooncel
saloon cabine; hut; kajuit

Related Words for "cabine":

  • cabines

Wiktionary Translations for cabine:

  1. a very small room used for a shower

Cross Translation:
cabine outhouse; shed cabanon — Petite cabane, maisonnette en bois
cabine cabin; booth; cockpit cabine — marine|fr Petite chambre à coucher, à bord d’un bateau ou d'un aéronat.