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Detailed Translations for begerig from Dutch to Spanish


begerig adj

  1. begerig

Translation Matrix for begerig:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
codicioso oppotter; vrek
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ansioso begerig begerend; gretig; happig; hunkerend; reikhalzend; smachtend; verlangend
codicioso begerig begerend; belust; happig; hebberig; hebzuchtig; inhalig; verlangend; verzot
deseoso begerig begerend; hunkerend; reikhalzend; smachtend; verlangend

Related Words for "begerig":

Wiktionary Translations for begerig:

  1. vol verlanging iets te verkrijgen waar men vaak geen recht op heeft

Cross Translation:
begerig impaciente; ávido; entusiasmado; ilusionado; anhelante eager — excited by desire in the pursuit of any object
begerig hambriento hungry — eager, having a desire for something
begerig ávido; codicioso avide — Qui a de l’avidité