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Detailed Translations for plats from Swedish to English


plats [-en] noun

  1. plats (ort)
    the place; the location
  2. plats (läge)
    the location; the situation
  3. plats
    the location
    – A specific, delimited physical place, such as a bin, shelf, rack, or aisle. 1
  4. plats
    the location
    – Any disk drive, folder, or other place in which you can store files and folders. Programs will commonly ask you to choose a location to save a file. 1
  5. plats
    the site
    – A business location to which resources are assigned. A site is used to ensure that all resources required for a service are in the same physical location. 1
  6. plats
    the location
    – The street address or geographical coordinates of a user, and (by way of extensions) of the user’s computer or devices. 1
  7. plats
    the site
    – One or more well-connected (highly reliable and fast) TCP/IP subnets. A site allows administrators to configure Active Directory access and replication topology to take advantage of the physical network. 1

Translation Matrix for plats:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
location läge; ort; plats belägenhet; hitteplats; läge; orientering; position; ställning
place ort; plats distrikt; landsdel; navigeringsplats; place; plätt; smultronställe
site plats hitteplats; lott; obebygdd tomt; webbplats
situation läge; plats anställning; beskaffenhet; kondition; livskonditioner; läge; omständighet; position; situation; skick; ställning; tillstånd
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
place ackomodera; anlägga; bjuda någon logi; lägga; lägga bort; lägga ner; montera; placera; ställa; sätta; sätta ihop; sätta ner
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
location förläggning
place förelägga; inplacera; lokal; lokalisera; ställe
site fyndort; tomt

Synonyms for "plats":

Wiktionary Translations for plats:

  1. place
  2. location, position
  3. open space, courtyard, market square
  4. somewhere to sit
  5. -
  6. location or place
  7. place, location
  8. space
  9. place where anything is fixed; situation; local position
  10. position vis-à-vis surroundings
  11. location
  12. one's status with regard to circumstances
  13. position of employment
  14. location or area
  1. to recruit or match an appropriate person for a job

Cross Translation:
plats circus; square Platz — weitläufige, offene Fläche, die als Betätigungs-,Veranstaltungs-, Erholungs- oder Versammlungsort dient
plats place Platz — ein bestimmter Ort oder eine bestimmte Stelle
plats seat PlatzStelle, an der man sitzen oder stehen kann (Sitzplatz)
plats place Platz — ein bestimmter Rang oder eine bestimmte Position
plats space; place; room Platzohne Plural: verfügbarer Raum
plats agora Agora — Gemeindezentrum im alten Griechenland, griechischer Markt, griechische Volksversammlung, Marktplatz in der Antike
plats place endroit — Partie bien déterminée d’un espace, d’une chose ou d’un corps.

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Detailed Translations for plats from English to Swedish

plats form of plat:

plat [the ~] noun

  1. the plat (braided hair; ponytail)

Translation Matrix for plat:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
flätad hår braided hair; plat; ponytail
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- plot

Related Words for "plat":

  • plats, platen

Synonyms for "plat":

Related Definitions for "plat":

  1. a map showing planned or actual features of an area (streets and building lots etc.)2
  2. make a plat of2

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