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Detailed Translations for sfär from Swedish to English


sfär [-en] noun

  1. sfär (glob; boll; klot)
    the sphere; the globe
    the ball
    – an object with a spherical shape 1
    • ball [the ~] noun
      • a ball of fire1
  2. sfär
    the realm
    – A set of security principles, in a non-Windows networked environment, that are subject to Kerberos authentication. 2
  3. sfär
    the realm
    – A domain or resource established for security reasons. 2

Translation Matrix for sfär:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ball boll; glob; klot; sfär bal; boll; dans; gala; klot; nystan; testikel; ullboll
globe boll; glob; klot; sfär boll; glob; glödlampa; jorden; klot; nystan
realm sfär
sphere boll; glob; klot; sfär boll; distrikt; klot; mänskligt huvud; nejd; nystan; område; region; trakt; zon
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ball balle
globe jordglob; lampkupa

Synonyms for "sfär":

Wiktionary Translations for sfär:

  1. sphere or influence
  2. mathematics: regular three-dimensional object
  3. spherical physical object
  4. region in which something or someone is active

Cross Translation:
sfär sphere bol — een driedimensionaal rond lichaam zie sfeer
sfär sphere; ball; realm sphère — géométrie|fr surface dans l’espace à trois dimensions dont tous les points sont situés à une même distance d’un point appelé centre.