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Detailed Translations for brasa from Swedish to English


brasa [-en] noun

  1. brasa (stockeld; vedeld)
    the log fire; the wood fire; the zest
  2. brasa (öppen eld)
    the open fire; the hearth fire
  3. brasa (lusteld; eld; bål)
    the bonfire
  4. brasa (öppen spis)
    the fireplace; the hearth; the furnace; the fireside

Translation Matrix for brasa:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bonfire brasa; bål; eld; lusteld
fireplace brasa; öppen spis eldrum; eldstad; härd; öppen spis
fireside brasa; öppen spis
furnace brasa; öppen spis boiler; ugn
hearth brasa; öppen spis boiler
hearth fire brasa; öppen eld
log fire brasa; stockeld; vedeld
open fire brasa; öppen eld
wood fire brasa; stockeld; vedeld
zest brasa; stockeld; vedeld eldighet; fart; iver; passion; schvung; styrka
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hearth smideshärd; äril
zest arbetslust

Synonyms for "brasa":

Wiktionary Translations for brasa:

  1. occurrence of fire in a certain place
  2. something that has produced or is capable of producing this chemical reaction
  3. large, outdoor controlled fire

Cross Translation:
brasa fire Feuer — Vernichtung durch Flammen
brasa fire feu — Dégagement d’énergie calorifique par une combustion.