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  1. Getier:


Detailed Translations for Getier from German to English


Getier [das ~] noun

  1. Getier (Tiere)
    the animals; the beasts
  2. Getier (Tier; Vieh)
    the animal; the beast
    – a living organism characterized by voluntary movement 1
  3. Getier (Tierreich; Tiere; Tier)
    the fauna; the animal kingdom; the creature

Translation Matrix for Getier:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
animal Getier; Tier; Vieh
animal kingdom Getier; Tier; Tiere; Tierreich
animals Getier; Tiere Insekten; Kerbtier
beast Getier; Tier; Vieh Mißgebilde; Mißgestalt; Scheusal; Ungeheuer; Ungetüm; Untier
beasts Getier; Tiere Insekten; Kerbtier
creature Getier; Tier; Tiere; Tierreich Erzeugnis; Gebilde; Geschöpf
fauna Getier; Tier; Tiere; Tierreich

Synonyms for "Getier":