Detailed Translations for Quelle from German to English


Quelle [die ~] noun

  1. die Quelle (Inspirationsherkunft; Herkunft; Station; )
  2. die Quelle (Datenquelle)
    the source; the data source
    – A disk, file, document, or other collection of information from which data is taken or moved. 1
  3. die Quelle
    the source
    – Audio and video content that can be captured and encoded from devices installed on your computer or from a file. 1
  4. die Quelle
    the source
    – The database in a particular operation that the operation does not modify. 1
  5. die Quelle
    the source
    – The SSIS data flow component that makes data from different external data sources available to the other components in the data flow. 1
  6. die Quelle (Quellenanbieter)
    the source; the source provider
    – A synchronization provider that enumerates any changes and sends them to the destination provider. 1

Translation Matrix for Quelle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
data source Datenquelle; Quelle Datenquelle
source Datenquelle; Quelle; Quellenanbieter Abstammung; Flußquelle; Herkunft; Ursprung
source of inspiration Abfluß; Absender; Grube; Herkunft; Inspirationsherkunft; Quelle; Station
source provider Quelle; Quellenanbieter

Synonyms for "Quelle":

Wiktionary Translations for Quelle:

  1. Ursprung von etwas Bestimmten
  2. wissenschaftlich auswertbares Primärmaterial
  3. Person, die über direkte Informationen verfügt
  4. Ursprung eines Flusses, fließenden Gewässers; Ort des augenscheinlichen oberirdischen Austritts von Gewässern
  1. something from which water flows
  2. metaphorical source
  3. source of a river, information, goods, etc.
  4. academic writing: source
  5. primary source
  6. person, place or thing from which something comes or is acquired
  7. reporter's informant
  8. water source
  9. spring

Cross Translation:
Quelle Queen quotiënt — spelwoord voor de letter q
Quelle spring; fountain; source bron — begin van een waterloop
Quelle source bron — daar waar men informatie vandaan haalt
Quelle Queen Quirinus — spelwoord voor de letter q
Quelle source; spring; fount; well-spring fontaine — Eau vive qui sort de terre
Quelle spring; well-spring; fount; fountain-head source — Endroit d’où sort l’eau