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Detailed Translations for Vokabular from German to English


Vokabular [das ~] noun

  1. Vokabular (Wortschatz)
    the vocabulary
    – a listing of the words used in some enterprise 1
  2. Vokabular (Wortschatz; Wörterverzeichnis)
    the vocabulary; the lexicon
    – a language user's knowledge of words 1
  3. Vokabular
    the vocabulary
    – A collection of definitions consisting of friendly names for the facts used in rule conditions and actions. Vocabulary definitions make the rules easier to read, understand, and share by people in a particular business domain. 2

Translation Matrix for Vokabular:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lexicon Vokabular; Wortschatz; Wörterverzeichnis Wörterbuch
vocabulary Vokabular; Wortschatz; Wörterverzeichnis Ausdruck; Redensart; Sprachschatz; Sprichwort

Synonyms for "Vokabular":

Wiktionary Translations for Vokabular:

  1. Linguistik: Menge der Wörter eines bestimmten Bereichs
  1. set of words a person knows
  2. stock of words used in a particular field
  3. words of a language collectively