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Detailed Translations for filtern from German to English


filtern verb (filtre, filterst, filtert, filterte, filtertet, gefiltert)

  1. filtern (sieben; filtrieren)
    to sieve; to sift; to filter; to percolate
    • sieve verb (sieves, sieved, sieving)
    • sift verb (sifts, sifted, sifting)
    • filter verb (filters, filtered, filtering)
    • percolate verb (percolates, percolated, percolating)
  2. filtern (durchsickern; filtrieren)
    to seep through; to filter through
    • seep through verb (seeps through, seeped through, seeping through)
    • filter through verb (filters through, filtered through, filtering through)
  3. filtern (filtrieren; sieben)
    to filter
    • filter verb (filters, filtered, filtering)
  4. filtern
    to filter
    – To display only the rows in a list that satisfy the conditions you specify. You use the AutoFilter command to display rows that match one or more specific values, calculated values, or conditions. 1
    • filter verb (filters, filtered, filtering)
  5. filtern
    to filter
    – To display files that meet certain criteria. For example, you might filter files by a particular author so that you only see the files written by that person. Filtering does not delete files, it simply changes the view so that you only see the files that meet your criteria. 1
    • filter verb (filters, filtered, filtering)

Conjugations for filtern:

  1. filtre
  2. filterst
  3. filtert
  4. filtern
  5. filtert
  6. filtern
  1. filterte
  2. filtertest
  3. filterte
  4. filterten
  5. filtertet
  6. filterten
  1. habe gefiltert
  2. hast gefiltert
  3. hat gefiltert
  4. haben gefiltert
  5. habt gefiltert
  6. haben gefiltert
1. Konjunktiv [1]
  1. filtere
  2. filterest
  3. filtere
  4. filteren
  5. filteret
  6. filteren
2. Konjunktiv
  1. filterte
  2. filtertest
  3. filterte
  4. filterten
  5. filtertet
  6. filterten
Futur 1
  1. werde filtern
  2. wirst filtern
  3. wird filtern
  4. werden filtern
  5. werdet filtern
  6. werden filtern
1. Konjunktiv [2]
  1. würde filtern
  2. würdest filtern
  3. würde filtern
  4. würden filtern
  5. würdet filtern
  6. würden filtern
  1. filtre!
  2. filtert!
  3. filteren Sie!
  4. gefiltert
  5. filternd
1. ich, 2. du, 3. er/sie/es, 4. wir, 5. ihr, 6. sie/Sie

Translation Matrix for filtern:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
filter Filter; Filtertüte; Regel
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
filter filtern; filtrieren; sieben
filter through durchsickern; filtern; filtrieren durchschimmern
percolate filtern; filtrieren; sieben
seep through durchsickern; filtern; filtrieren
sieve filtern; filtrieren; sieben
sift filtern; filtrieren; sieben gliedern; ordnen

Synonyms for "filtern":

  • abseihen; durchsieben; sieben

Wiktionary Translations for filtern:

  1. clarify by filtration
  2. to diffuse
  3. to sort, sift, or isolate
  4. (transitive) pass a liquid through a porous substance

Cross Translation:
filtern filter filtreren — door middel van een filter zuiveren of afscheiden
filtern filter; screen; strain filtrerpasser par un filtre pour séparer un ou des éléments constituants.