Detailed Translations for cashier from English to German


cashier [the ~] noun

  1. the cashier (cash girl; teller)
    die Kassiererin
  2. the cashier
    die Kassiererin; der Kassierer
  3. the cashier
    die Kassenführerin
  4. the cashier
    der Kassenwart; der Kassenführer
  5. the cashier (collector)
    der Kassierer; der Kassenbote; der Einzieher; der Kollektant

Translation Matrix for cashier:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Einzieher cashier; collector
Kassenbote cashier; collector
Kassenführer cashier chamberlain; treasurer
Kassenführerin cashier
Kassenwart cashier
Kassierer cashier; collector chamberlain; treasurer
Kassiererin cash girl; cashier; teller
Kollektant cashier; collector collector; collector of donations; collector of gifts
- bank clerk; teller
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- treasurer

Related Words for "cashier":

  • cashiers

Synonyms for "cashier":

Related Definitions for "cashier":

  1. a person responsible for receiving payments for goods and services (as in a shop or restaurant)1
  2. an employee of a bank who receives and pays out money1
  3. discharge with dishonor, as in the army1
  4. discard or do away with1
    • cashier the literal sense of this word1

Wiktionary Translations for cashier:

  1. person in charge of the cash of a business or bank
  2. one who works at a till or receiving payments
  1. die Kasse Führende, Verwalterin der Kasse
  2. die Kasse Führender

Cross Translation:
cashier Kassierer kassier — iemand die het beheer heeft over kas en de mutaties ervan bijhoudt
cashier Kassierer caissier — personne qui tient la caisse
cashier Zahlmeister trésorier — Personne qui, dans une association, est chargée de percevoir les revenus, le montant des souscriptions, et d’en rendre compte.