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  1. dig peat:


Detailed Translations for dig peat from English to German

dig peat:

to dig peat verb (digs peat, digged peat, digging peat)

  1. to dig peat (count in fives; tally; keep a tally; )
    mit Strichen zählen
    • mit Strichen zählen verb (zähle mit Strichen, zählst mit Strichen, zählt mit Strichen, zählte mit Strichen, zähltet mit Strichen, mit Strichen gezählt)

Conjugations for dig peat:

  1. dig peat
  2. dig peat
  3. digs peat
  4. dig peat
  5. dig peat
  6. dig peat
simple past
  1. digged peat
  2. digged peat
  3. digged peat
  4. digged peat
  5. digged peat
  6. digged peat
present perfect
  1. have digged peat
  2. have digged peat
  3. has digged peat
  4. have digged peat
  5. have digged peat
  6. have digged peat
past continuous
  1. was digging peat
  2. were digging peat
  3. was digging peat
  4. were digging peat
  5. were digging peat
  6. were digging peat
  1. shall dig peat
  2. will dig peat
  3. will dig peat
  4. shall dig peat
  5. will dig peat
  6. will dig peat
continuous present
  1. am digging peat
  2. are digging peat
  3. is digging peat
  4. are digging peat
  5. are digging peat
  6. are digging peat
  1. be digged peat
  2. be digged peat
  3. be digged peat
  4. be digged peat
  5. be digged peat
  6. be digged peat
  1. dig peat!
  2. let's dig peat!
  3. digged peat
  4. digging peat
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for dig peat:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mit Strichen zählen count in fives; dig peat; keep a tally; make peat; score; stack peat; tally

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