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Detailed Translations for dishonour from English to German


to dishonour verb, British (dishonours, dishonoured, dishonouring)

  1. to dishonour (ravish; rape; violate; dishonor)
    schänden; verletzen; angreifen; überfallen
    • schänden verb (schände, schändest, schändet, schändete, schändetet, geschändet)
    • verletzen verb (verletze, verletzt, verletzte, verletztet, verletzt)
    • angreifen verb (greife an, greifest an, greift an, griff an, grifft an, angegriffen)
    • überfallen verb (überfalle, überfällst, überfällt, überfiel, überfielt, überfallen)

Conjugations for dishonour:

  1. dishonour
  2. dishonour
  3. dishonours
  4. dishonour
  5. dishonour
  6. dishonour
simple past
  1. dishonoured
  2. dishonoured
  3. dishonoured
  4. dishonoured
  5. dishonoured
  6. dishonoured
present perfect
  1. have dishonoured
  2. have dishonoured
  3. has dishonoured
  4. have dishonoured
  5. have dishonoured
  6. have dishonoured
past continuous
  1. was dishonouring
  2. were dishonouring
  3. was dishonouring
  4. were dishonouring
  5. were dishonouring
  6. were dishonouring
  1. shall dishonour
  2. will dishonour
  3. will dishonour
  4. shall dishonour
  5. will dishonour
  6. will dishonour
continuous present
  1. am dishonouring
  2. are dishonouring
  3. is dishonouring
  4. are dishonouring
  5. are dishonouring
  6. are dishonouring
  1. be dishonoured
  2. be dishonoured
  3. be dishonoured
  4. be dishonoured
  5. be dishonoured
  6. be dishonoured
  1. dishonour!
  2. let's dishonour!
  3. dishonoured
  4. dishonouring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for dishonour:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
angreifen affecting; attacking; defamation; impairing; imputation; injuring
- dishonor
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
angreifen dishonor; dishonour; rape; ravish; violate assault; attack; challenge; contest; dispute; lay violent hands upon; question; raid; storm; violate
schänden dishonor; dishonour; rape; ravish; violate blot beauty; cripple; defile; desecrate; maim; make ugly; mar beauty; mutilate
verletzen dishonor; dishonour; rape; ravish; violate ache; aggrieve; break in; bruise; cause damage; contuse; cut; damage; defamate; do harm; harm; hurt; injure; insult; maul; offend; prick; rape; slander; sting; torment; torture; wound
überfallen dishonor; dishonour; rape; ravish; violate hold up; overcome by; plunder; rob; seize; snatch; suprise; surprise; take off guard
- assault; attaint; disgrace; dishonor; outrage; rape; ravish; shame; violate

Synonyms for "dishonour":

Antonyms for "dishonour":

Related Definitions for "dishonour":

  1. lacking honor or integrity1
  2. a state of shame or disgrace1
  3. refuse to accept1
  4. bring shame or dishonor upon1
  5. force (someone) to have sex against their will1

Wiktionary Translations for dishonour:

  1. so handeln, dass jemand seine Ehre verliert
  2. durch eine frevelhafte Tat jemandes Ehre verletzen

Cross Translation:
dishonour entehren onteren — 1
dishonour entehren; besudeln bezoedelen — te schande maken