Detailed Translations for frame work from English to German

frame work:

frame work [the ~] noun

  1. the frame work
    die Kante; der Rahmen; die Leiste; die Umrandung; Verzeichnis; die Grenze; der Gipfel; die Aufstellung; die Tabelle; Register

Translation Matrix for frame work:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Aufstellung frame work arrangement; assertion; building; classification; construction; denomination; disposition; list; marshalling; name; position; printing of a story; ranging; record; report; schedule; specification; statement; table; term; title
Gipfel frame work apex; climax; crest; crown; culminating point; culmination; height of the summit; hilltop; mountain heighth; mountain top; peak; pinnacle; spike; summit; summit conference; summit meeting; summit talks; summmit; tip; top; vertex
Grenze frame work border; border barrier; bound; boundary; boundary line; extreme; frontier; last-ditch; limit; limiting factor; limiting value; line of demarcation; utmost
Kante frame work border; braid; edge; fringe; lace; ribbon; ridge; rim; side; tress; trim; trimming
Leiste frame work border; braid; cornice; frame; framing; fringe; groin; lace; list; molding; moulding; mounting; panel; ribbon; rim; schedule; table; tress; trim; trimming
Rahmen frame work body; border; carcass; chassis; cornice; foundation; frame; frame-work; framework; framing; molding; moulding; mounting; panel; rim; shell; skeleton; structure; visible border
Register frame work Offices of the land registry; army list; dossier; file; index; land register; list; navy list; phone index; register; writing-case
Tabelle frame work list; record; report; schedule; sheet; table; worksheet
Umrandung frame work drip molding; drip moulding; picture frame; weather board; weather molding
Verzeichnis frame work Offices of the land registry; army list; catalog; catalogue; directory; file; index; land register; list; navy list; phone index; record; register; report; schedule; table

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