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Detailed Translations for hairy from English to German


hairy adj

  1. hairy (shaggy; woolly; bushy; wooly)
  2. hairy

Translation Matrix for hairy:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- haired; hirsute
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
behaart bushy; hairy; shaggy; woolly; wooly
haarig bushy; hairy; shaggy; woolly; wooly embittered; exasperated; fierce; hard; hard-handed; harsh; indistinct; obscure; rough; unclear; vague; violent

Related Words for "hairy":

Synonyms for "hairy":

  • haired; hirsute; canescent; hoary; coarse-haired; coarse-furred; comate; comose; comal; curly-haired; curly-coated; dark-haired; dark-coated; downy; pubescent; puberulent; sericeous; floccose; furlike; furred; furry; fuzzed; fuzzy; glossy-haired; glossy-coated; glossy-furred; hispid; lanate; woolly; long-haired; pappose; pilous; pilose; pilary; rough-haired; shock-headed; short-haired; silky-haired; silver-haired; smooth-haired; snake-haired; soft-haired; stiff-haired; thick-haired; tomentose; tomentous; velvety-furred; velvety-haired; wire-haired; wiry-coated; wiry; wooly; wooly-haired; woolly-haired
  • alarming

Antonyms for "hairy":

Related Definitions for "hairy":

  1. hazardous and frightening1
    • hairy moments in the mountains1
  2. having or covered with hair1
    • Jacob was a hairy man1
    • a hairy caterpillar1

Wiktionary Translations for hairy:

  1. of a body part other than the head
  2. of an animal
  3. of a person
  1. (dichtes) Haar haben
  2. Haare am Körper besitzend

Cross Translation:
hairy struppig hirsute — Qui hérisser, d’aspect sauvage.
hairy gezottelt; haarig; Zottel-; zottig poilu — velu
hairy gezottelt; haarig; Zottel-; zottig velu — anatomie|fr Qui est couvert de poils. — note Il ne se dit ni par rapport aux cheveux, ni par rapport à la barbe.