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  1. loose weight:


Detailed Translations for loose weight from English to German

loose weight:

loose weight verb

  1. loose weight
    abnehmen; schlank werden; hungern
    • abnehmen verb (nehme ab, nimmst ab, nimmt ab, nahm ab, nahmt ab, abgenommen)
    • hungern verb (hungre, hungerst, hungert, hungerte, hungertet, gehungert)

Translation Matrix for loose weight:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abnehmen loose weight backslide; clear; clear the table; collapse; collect; come round for; degenerate; deprive; diminish; dwindle; empty the table; fetch; foul up; go to seed; line; mess up; muck up; pick up; prolapse; rob; ruin; sag; shrink; slump; take; take along; take away; tap; upset
hungern loose weight be hungry; be hungry for; crave; crave for; die; die of hunger; hunger; hunger strike; starve
schlank werden loose weight

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