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Detailed Translations for make a call from English to German

make a call:

to make a call verb (makes a call, made a call, making a call)

  1. to make a call (telephone; sound; call; )
    anrufen; telefonieren
    • anrufen verb (rufe an, rufst an, ruft an, rief an, rieft an, angerufen)
    • telefonieren verb (telefoniere, telefonierst, telefoniert, telefonierte, telefoniertet, telefoniert)

Conjugations for make a call:

  1. make a call
  2. make a call
  3. makes a call
  4. make a call
  5. make a call
  6. make a call
simple past
  1. made a call
  2. made a call
  3. made a call
  4. made a call
  5. made a call
  6. made a call
present perfect
  1. have made a call
  2. have made a call
  3. has made a call
  4. have made a call
  5. have made a call
  6. have made a call
past continuous
  1. was making a call
  2. were making a call
  3. was making a call
  4. were making a call
  5. were making a call
  6. were making a call
  1. shall make a call
  2. will make a call
  3. will make a call
  4. shall make a call
  5. will make a call
  6. will make a call
continuous present
  1. am making a call
  2. are making a call
  3. is making a call
  4. are making a call
  5. are making a call
  6. are making a call
  1. be made a call
  2. be made a call
  3. be made a call
  4. be made a call
  5. be made a call
  6. be made a call
  1. make a call!
  2. let's make a call!
  3. made a call
  4. making a call
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for make a call:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anrufen call; call up; give a ring; make a call; phone; phone someone; ring; ring up; sound; telephone appeal to; call; call in; call upon; enlist; hail; invoke; ring; shout; speak
telefonieren call; call up; give a ring; make a call; phone; phone someone; ring; ring up; sound; telephone converse; talk; to be busy

Wiktionary Translations for make a call:

Cross Translation:
make a call telephonieren; anrufen téléphoner — Communiquer par téléphone

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