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  1. make difficult:


Detailed Translations for make difficult from English to German

make difficult:

to make difficult verb (makes difficult, made difficult, making difficult)

  1. to make difficult (bother; trouble; make things difficult)
  2. to make difficult (complicate; entangle; make hard)
    komplizieren; erschweren; verwickeln
    • komplizieren verb (kompliziere, komplizierst, kompliziert, komplizierte, kompliziertet, kompliziert)
    • erschweren verb
    • verwickeln verb (verwickele, verwickelst, verwickelt, verwickelte, verwickeltet, verwickelt)

Conjugations for make difficult:

  1. make difficult
  2. make difficult
  3. makes difficult
  4. make difficult
  5. make difficult
  6. make difficult
simple past
  1. made difficult
  2. made difficult
  3. made difficult
  4. made difficult
  5. made difficult
  6. made difficult
present perfect
  1. have made difficult
  2. have made difficult
  3. has made difficult
  4. have made difficult
  5. have made difficult
  6. have made difficult
past continuous
  1. was making difficult
  2. were making difficult
  3. was making difficult
  4. were making difficult
  5. were making difficult
  6. were making difficult
  1. shall make difficult
  2. will make difficult
  3. will make difficult
  4. shall make difficult
  5. will make difficult
  6. will make difficult
continuous present
  1. am making difficult
  2. are making difficult
  3. is making difficult
  4. are making difficult
  5. are making difficult
  6. are making difficult
  1. be made difficult
  2. be made difficult
  3. be made difficult
  4. be made difficult
  5. be made difficult
  6. be made difficult
  1. make difficult!
  2. let's make difficult!
  3. made difficult
  4. making difficult
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for make difficult:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Schwerer machen bother; make difficult; make things difficult; trouble load; make heavier; weight
erschweren bother; complicate; entangle; make difficult; make hard; make things difficult; trouble hinder; load; make harder; make heavier; make more difficult; thwart; weight
komplizieren complicate; entangle; make difficult; make hard hinder; make it difficult; make it hard
verwickeln complicate; entangle; make difficult; make hard capture; catch; complicate; entangle; grab; grip; intricate; seize; trap
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verwickeln involve

Related Translations for make difficult