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rationalisation [the ~] noun, British

  1. the rationalisation (rationalization)

Translation Matrix for rationalisation:

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Rationalisierung rationalisation; rationalization
- rationalization; systematisation; systematization

Synonyms for "rationalisation":

Related Definitions for "rationalisation":

  1. systematic organization; the act of organizing something according to a system or a rationale1
  2. the organization of a business according to scientific principles of management in order to increase efficiency1
  3. (mathematics) the simplification of an expression or equation by eliminating radicals without changing the value of the expression or the roots of the equation1
  4. the cognitive process of making something seem consistent with or based on reason1
  5. (psychiatry) a defense mechanism by which your true motivation is concealed by explaining your actions and feelings in a way that is not threatening1

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