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Detailed Translations for rend from English to German


to rend verb (rends, rent, rending)

  1. to rend (tear; rip)
    zerreißen; zerfetzen; zerlegen; aufreißen; wegreißen
    • zerreißen verb (zerreiße, zerreißt, zerriß, zerrißt, zerrissen)
    • zerfetzen verb (zerfetze, zerfetzt, zerfetzte, zerfetztet, zerfetzt)
    • zerlegen verb (zerlege, zerlegst, zerlegt, zerlegte, zerlegtet, zerlegt)
    • aufreißen verb
    • wegreißen verb
  2. to rend (tear to pieces; tear up; tear to shreds)
    zerreißen; entzweireißen

Conjugations for rend:

  1. rend
  2. rend
  3. rends
  4. rend
  5. rend
  6. rend
simple past
  1. rent
  2. rent
  3. rent
  4. rent
  5. rent
  6. rent
present perfect
  1. have rent
  2. have rent
  3. has rent
  4. have rent
  5. have rent
  6. have rent
past continuous
  1. was rending
  2. were rending
  3. was rending
  4. were rending
  5. were rending
  6. were rending
  1. shall rend
  2. will rend
  3. will rend
  4. shall rend
  5. will rend
  6. will rend
continuous present
  1. am rending
  2. are rending
  3. is rending
  4. are rending
  5. are rending
  6. are rending
  1. be rent
  2. be rent
  3. be rent
  4. be rent
  5. be rent
  6. be rent
  1. rend!
  2. let's rend!
  3. rent
  4. rent
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for rend:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aufreißen rend; rip; tear boast; brag; break open; crack; decode; exagerate; force open; rip open; talk big; tear; tear open
entzweireißen rend; tear to pieces; tear to shreds; tear up attack; damage; draw apart; erode; spoil; tear apart; tear to pieces; tear up
wegreißen rend; rip; tear break up; destruct; devastate; eliminate; exhaust; lay waste; liquidate; rip; ruin; sap; separate; snatch; snatch away; tear loose; wear out; work to death; wreck
zerfetzen rend; rip; tear beat up; rip; tear to pieces; tear up; whip
zerlegen rend; rip; tear adjourn; analyse; analyze; anatomise; anatomize; break down; break up; collapse; crumble; cut to pieces; destruct; devastate; disintegrate; dismantle; dissect; eliminate; exhaust; fall apart; fall to bits; fall to pieces; lay waste; liquidate; pull down; rip; ruin; sap; separate; sever; take apart; wear out; work to death; wreck
zerreißen rend; rip; tear; tear to pieces; tear to shreds; tear up adjourn; break down; crack; crackle; draw apart; rip; separate; sever; snap; tear apart; tear to pieces; tear up
- pull; rip; rive

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  1. tear or be torn violently1

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rend spalten fendre — Traductions à trier suivant le sens