Detailed Translations for sex from English to German


sex [the ~] noun

  1. the sex (gender)
    Geschlecht; die Gattung
  2. the sex
    der Sex
    • Sex [der ~] noun
  3. the sex (sexual intercourse; intercourse; sexual relations)
    der Sexualverkehr; der Geslechtsverkehr; die Gemeinschaft

Translation Matrix for sex:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Gattung gender; sex category; class; genre; intellectual genre; kind; race; sort; style; tribe; type
Gemeinschaft intercourse; sex; sexual intercourse; sexual relations alliance; association; bond; circle; club; coalition; collaboration; community; connection; contact; cooperation; corporation; craft; craft guild; craft union; fellowship; guild; intercourse; junction; liaison; link; mating; pact; professional organisation; professional organization; relation; relationship; relative context; society; treaty; union
Geschlecht gender; sex descendant; descendent; generation; offspring; race; tribe
Geslechtsverkehr intercourse; sex; sexual intercourse; sexual relations
Sex sex Sex
Sexualverkehr intercourse; sex; sexual intercourse; sexual relations
- gender; sex activity; sexual activity; sexual practice; sexual urge; sexuality
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- arouse; excite; turn on; wind up
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- eroticism; erotism; sexual intercourse

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Related Definitions for "sex":

  1. activities associated with sexual intercourse1
    • they had sex in the back seat1
  2. the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles1
    • she didn't want to know the sex of the foetus1
  3. all of the feelings resulting from the urge to gratify sexual impulses1
    • he wanted a better sex life1
    • the film contained no sex or violence1
  4. either of the two categories (male or female) into which most organisms are divided1
    • the war between the sexes1
  5. tell the sex (of young chickens)1
  6. stimulate sexually1

Wiktionary Translations for sex:

  1. act of sexual intercourse
  2. gender (female or male)
  1. to determine the sex of
  1. Abkürzung, Kurzbezeichnung, Kurzwort für Sexualität; die Gesamtheit des Themas
  2. die Eigenschaft hoch Lebewesen, männlich oder weiblich zu sein

Cross Translation:
sex Geschlecht sekse — sekse
sex Sex seks — geslachtsgemeenschap
sex Geschlecht kunne — geslacht, sekse.
sex Liebe; sexuelle Liebe; Bagatelle; Kleinigkeit; Nichtigkeit; Lappalie bagatellechose de peu de prix et peu nécessaire.
sex Geschlechtsverkehr rapport sexuel — Chez l’humain, désigne l’accouplement et toute pratique intime connexe.
sex Geschlecht; Sex sexe — biol|fr genre qui peut être masculin ou féminin.

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