Detailed Translations for show in from English to German

show in:

to show in verb (shows in, showed in, showing in)

  1. to show in (sneak in; lead in)
    in den Hafen lotsen; einlotsen
  2. to show in (usher in; lead in)
    hereinbringen; hereinholen
    • hereinbringen verb (bringe herein, bringst herein, bringt herein, brachte herein, brachtet herein, hereingebracht)
    • hereinholen verb (hole herein, holst herein, holt herein, holte herein, holtet herein, hereingeholt)
  3. to show in (allow in; lead in; let in; open to)
    einlassen; hineinlassen
    • einlassen verb (lasse ein, läßt ein, ließ ein, ließt ein, eingelassen)
    • hineinlassen verb (lasse hinein, läßt hinein, ließ hinein, ließt hinein, hineingelassen)

Conjugations for show in:

  1. show in
  2. show in
  3. shows in
  4. show in
  5. show in
  6. show in
simple past
  1. showed in
  2. showed in
  3. showed in
  4. showed in
  5. showed in
  6. showed in
present perfect
  1. have shown in
  2. have shown in
  3. has shown in
  4. have shown in
  5. have shown in
  6. have shown in
past continuous
  1. was showing in
  2. were showing in
  3. was showing in
  4. were showing in
  5. were showing in
  6. were showing in
  1. shall show in
  2. will show in
  3. will show in
  4. shall show in
  5. will show in
  6. will show in
continuous present
  1. am showing in
  2. are showing in
  3. is showing in
  4. are showing in
  5. are showing in
  6. are showing in
  1. be shown in
  2. be shown in
  3. be shown in
  4. be shown in
  5. be shown in
  6. be shown in
  1. show in!
  2. let's show in!
  3. shown in
  4. showing in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for show in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
einlassen allow in; lead in; let in; open to; show in allow; allow in; come in; enter; get in; go in; go inside; go into; let flow in; let in; mobilise; mobilize; stream in
einlotsen lead in; show in; sneak in
hereinbringen lead in; show in; usher in bring in; carry in
hereinholen lead in; show in; usher in
hineinlassen allow in; lead in; let in; open to; show in admit; allow; allow in; let in
in den Hafen lotsen lead in; show in; sneak in

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