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  1. split off:


Detailed Translations for split off from English to German

split off:

to split off verb (splits off, split off, splitting off)

  1. to split off (strip off)
    abspalten; abtrennen
    • abspalten verb (spalte ab, spaltest ab, spaltet ab, spaltete ab, spaltetet ab, abgespaltet)
    • abtrennen verb (trenne ab, trennst ab, trennt ab, trennte ab, trenntet ab, abgetrennt)

Conjugations for split off:

  1. split off
  2. split off
  3. splits off
  4. split off
  5. split off
  6. split off
simple past
  1. split off
  2. split off
  3. split off
  4. split off
  5. split off
  6. split off
present perfect
  1. have split off
  2. have split off
  3. has split off
  4. have split off
  5. have split off
  6. have split off
past continuous
  1. was splitting off
  2. were splitting off
  3. was splitting off
  4. were splitting off
  5. were splitting off
  6. were splitting off
  1. shall split off
  2. will split off
  3. will split off
  4. shall split off
  5. will split off
  6. will split off
continuous present
  1. am splitting off
  2. are splitting off
  3. is splitting off
  4. are splitting off
  5. are splitting off
  6. are splitting off
  1. be split off
  2. be split off
  3. be split off
  4. be split off
  5. be split off
  6. be split off
  1. split off!
  2. let's split off!
  3. split off
  4. splitting off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for split off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abspalten split off; strip off differentiate; separate; split; tear off
abtrennen split off; strip off dissociate from; drop out; extort; get undone; isolate; place apart; pull off; pull out; quit; rip off; separate; tear off; unpick; untie

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