Detailed Translations for succeed from English to German


to succeed verb (succeeds, succeeded, succeeding)

  1. to succeed (accomplish)
    schaffen; vollführen; bewirken; hinkriegen; vollbringen; fertigbringen; durchsetzen
    • schaffen verb (schaffe, schaffst, schafft, schuff, schufft, geschaffen)
    • vollführen verb (vollführe, vollführst, vollführt, vollführte, vollführtet, vollführt)
    • bewirken verb (bewirke, bewirkst, bewirkt, bewirkte, bewirktet, bewirkt)
    • hinkriegen verb (kriege hin, kriegst hin, kriegt hin, kriegte hin, kriegtet hin, hingekriegt)
    • vollbringen verb (vollbringe, vollbringst, vollbringt, vollbrachte, vollbrachtet, vollbracht)
    • fertigbringen verb (bringe fertig, bringst fertig, bringt fertig, brachte fertig, brachtet fertig, fertiggebracht)
    • durchsetzen verb (durchsetze, durchsetzt, durchsetzte, durchsetztet, durchgesetzt)
  2. to succeed (achieve something; perform; achieve)
    leisten; eine Leistung lieferen; erfüllen; verrichten; handeln; schieben; schütten
    • leisten verb (leiste, leistst, leistt, leistte, leisttet, geleistet)
    • erfüllen verb (erfülle, erfüllst, erfüllt, erfüllte, erfülltet, erfüllt)
    • verrichten verb (verrichte, verrichtest, verrichtet, verrichtete, verrichtetet, verrichtet)
    • handeln verb (handle, handelst, handelt, handelte, handeltet, gehandelt)
    • schieben verb (schiebe, schiebst, schiebt, schob, schobt, geschoben)
    • schütten verb (schütte, schüttest, schüttet, schüttete, schüttetet, geschüttet)

Conjugations for succeed:

  1. succeed
  2. succeed
  3. succeeds
  4. succeed
  5. succeed
  6. succeed
simple past
  1. succeeded
  2. succeeded
  3. succeeded
  4. succeeded
  5. succeeded
  6. succeeded
present perfect
  1. have succeeded
  2. have succeeded
  3. has succeeded
  4. have succeeded
  5. have succeeded
  6. have succeeded
past continuous
  1. was succeeding
  2. were succeeding
  3. was succeeding
  4. were succeeding
  5. were succeeding
  6. were succeeding
  1. shall succeed
  2. will succeed
  3. will succeed
  4. shall succeed
  5. will succeed
  6. will succeed
continuous present
  1. am succeeding
  2. are succeeding
  3. is succeeding
  4. are succeeding
  5. are succeeding
  6. are succeeding
  1. be succeeded
  2. be succeeded
  3. be succeeded
  4. be succeeded
  5. be succeeded
  6. be succeeded
  1. succeed!
  2. let's succeed!
  3. succeeded
  4. succeeding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for succeed:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bewirken accomplish; succeed cause; look after; see to; take care
durchsetzen accomplish; succeed force; get through; insist; keep on; pass; persevere; persist; press; push on; push trough; urge
eine Leistung lieferen achieve; achieve something; perform; succeed
erfüllen achieve; achieve something; perform; succeed accomplish; act; do; function; try
fertigbringen accomplish; succeed better; bring off; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; complete; conclude; construct; cope; dig up; do s.o. a bad turn; end; fabricate; finish; finish off; fix; fix it up; get done; get through; improve; lift; make; make better; manage; manufacture; pass; perfect; produce; pull it off; pull off; pull the trick; put it over on s.o.
handeln achieve; achieve something; perform; succeed accomplish; act; agitate; bargain; carry on a business; deal; deal in; deal with; do; function; haggle; handle; hawk; mediate; negociate; negotiate; peddle; push; sell; trade
hinkriegen accomplish; succeed bring about; bring forth; bring off; cope; create; do s.o. a bad turn; fix; generate; manage; mend; produce; pull off; put it over on s.o.; repair; restore
leisten achieve; achieve something; perform; succeed accomplish; act; do; function
schaffen accomplish; succeed accomplish; act; bring about; bring forth; bring it off; bring off; carry it out; come up to the expectations; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; cope; create; derive; design; dig up; distribute; do; draw; effect; exploit; fix; function; furnish; generate; hand out; invent; lift; make; manage; manufacture; prepare; produce; provide; pull off; ration; realise; realize; supply
schieben achieve; achieve something; perform; succeed cart; chanter; dig; function; give a push; grouse; growl; grumble; jab; poke; prod; push; push on; rumble; shove; snarl; trade on the side; trundle; wheel
schütten achieve; achieve something; perform; succeed accomplish; act; do; function; pelt; pour; pour with rain; rain cats and dogs; sprinkle
verrichten achieve; achieve something; perform; succeed accomplish; act; apply; do; employ; function; labor; labour; make use of; use; utilise; utilize; work
vollbringen accomplish; succeed accomplish; come up to the expectations; finish; fix; fix it up; fulfil; fulfill; get done; manage; perform; pull it off; pull the trick
vollführen accomplish; succeed accomplish; bring about; come up to the expectations; effect; fulfil; fulfill; perform; realise; realize
- bring home the bacon; come after; come through; deliver the goods; follow; win
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- be successful

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Related Definitions for "succeed":

  1. be the successor (of)1
    • Will Charles succeed to the throne?1
  2. attain success or reach a desired goal1
    • The enterprise succeeded1
    • We succeeded in getting tickets to the show1

Wiktionary Translations for succeed:

  1. To follow in order; to come next after; hence, to take the place of
  2. To fall heir to; to inherit
  1. veraltet: Erfolg bei einer Sache haben
  2. -
  3. etwas erfolgreich zu Ende bringen
  4. transitiv: erfolgreich absolvieren

Cross Translation:
succeed nachfolgen opvolgen — iemands functie overnemen
succeed gelangen; anlangen; erreichen; ankommen parvenir — Arriver à un point donné à la suite d’un déplacement. (Sens général)
succeed an die Stelle setzen von; austauschen; substituieren; ablösen; ersetzen; an Stelle treten; vertreten; Ersatz sein für; Vertreter sein für remplacersuccéder à quelqu’un dans une place, dans un emploi.
succeed Erfolg haben; gelingen; bestehen réussir — Avoir une bonne ou une mauvaise issue.
succeed an die Stelle setzen von; austauschen; substituieren substituermettre une personne, une chose à la place d’une autre.
succeed folgen suivre — Traductions à trier suivant le sens