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  1. swing round:


Detailed Translations for swing round from English to German

swing round:

swing round verb

  1. swing round
    • herumdrehen verb (drehe herum, drehst herum, dreht herum, drehte herum, drehtet herum, herumgedreht)
  2. swing round (wheel round)
  3. swing round (slew round)
    • herumschwenken verb (schwenke herum, schwenkst herum, schwenkt herum, schwenkte herum, schwenktet herum, herumgeschwenkt)

Translation Matrix for swing round:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
herumdrehen swing round reverse; revolve; roll; rotate; shift; spin; spin round; swing; swing around; swirl; turn; turn around; twirl; twist; veer; whirl
herumschwenken slew round; swing round reverse; revolve; roll; rotate; shift; swaying to and fro; swing around; turn; twist; whirl
umschwenken swing round; wheel round

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