Detailed Translations for take care of from English to German

take care of:

to take care of verb (takes care of, took care of, taking care of)

  1. to take care of (care; nurture; look after; nurse)
    versorgen; für etwas sorgen; sorgen; pflegen; verpflegen
    • versorgen verb (versorge, versorgst, versorgt, versorgte, versorgtet, versorgt)
    • sorgen verb (sorge, sorgst, sorgt, sorgte, sorgtet, gesorgt)
    • pflegen verb (pflege, pflegst, pflegt, pflegte, pflegtet, gepflegt)
    • verpflegen verb (verpflege, verpflegst, verpflegt, verpflegte, verpflegtet, verpflegt)

Conjugations for take care of:

  1. take care of
  2. take care of
  3. takes care of
  4. take care of
  5. take care of
  6. take care of
simple past
  1. took care of
  2. took care of
  3. took care of
  4. took care of
  5. took care of
  6. took care of
present perfect
  1. have taken care of
  2. have taken care of
  3. has taken care of
  4. have taken care of
  5. have taken care of
  6. have taken care of
past continuous
  1. was taking care of
  2. were taking care of
  3. was taking care of
  4. were taking care of
  5. were taking care of
  6. were taking care of
  1. shall take care of
  2. will take care of
  3. will take care of
  4. shall take care of
  5. will take care of
  6. will take care of
continuous present
  1. am taking care of
  2. are taking care of
  3. is taking care of
  4. are taking care of
  5. are taking care of
  6. are taking care of
  1. be taken care of
  2. be taken care of
  3. be taken care of
  4. be taken care of
  5. be taken care of
  6. be taken care of
  1. take care of!
  2. let's take care of!
  3. taken care of
  4. taking care of
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for take care of:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
für etwas sorgen care; look after; nurse; nurture; take care of
pflegen care; look after; nurse; nurture; take care of care for; commit; do accidentally; inadvertently do something; nurse; perpetrate; take care of somebody; tend; worry about
sorgen care; look after; nurse; nurture; take care of alarm; be worried; care for; disquiet; frighten; lead to something; look after; oppress; see to; take care; worry about
verpflegen care; look after; nurse; nurture; take care of bait; care for; catch; dart; feed; hunt; nurse; snare; tend; worry about
versorgen care; look after; nurse; nurture; take care of aid someone financially; back someone; care for; lead to something; maintain; nurse; provide for; spoil by worrying; support; take care; take care of somebody; tend; treat; worry about
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- attend to; deal with; provide for

Wiktionary Translations for take care of:

take care of
  1. look after
  2. deal with
take care of
  1. eine Arbeit erledigen
  2. (reflexiv), mit „um“: für jemanden sorgen
  3. (transitiv): jemanden oder etwas pflegen, sich um jemanden oder etwas kümmern, für jemanden oder etwas sorgen
  4. veraltet: beachten

Cross Translation:
take care of umbringen; töten rectifier — Tuer (4)
take care of versorgen; behandeln; heilen; kurieren; pflegen; warten soigneravoir soin de quelqu’un ou de quelque chose.
take care of entfernen supprimer — Faire disparaître en la tuant une personne gênante.
take care of sorgen; kümmern s’occuper de — S’occuper de

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