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  1. agree to:


Detailed Synonyms for agree to in English

agree to:

to agree to verb (agrees to, agreed to, agreeing to)

  1. to agree to
    to agree with; to agree to
    • agree with verb (agrees with, agreed with, agreeing with)
    • agree to verb (agrees to, agreed to, agreeing to)
  2. to agree to
    to consent to; to assent to; to agree to
    • consent to verb (consents to, consented to, consenting to)
    • assent to verb (assents to, assented to, assenting to)
    • agree to verb (agrees to, agreed to, agreeing to)

Conjugations for agree to:

  1. agree to
  2. agree to
  3. agrees to
  4. agree to
  5. agree to
  6. agree to
simple past
  1. agreed to
  2. agreed to
  3. agreed to
  4. agreed to
  5. agreed to
  6. agreed to
present perfect
  1. have agreed to
  2. have agreed to
  3. has agreed to
  4. have agreed to
  5. have agreed to
  6. have agreed to
past continuous
  1. was agreeing to
  2. were agreeing to
  3. was agreeing to
  4. were agreeing to
  5. were agreeing to
  6. were agreeing to
  1. shall agree to
  2. will agree to
  3. will agree to
  4. shall agree to
  5. will agree to
  6. will agree to
continuous present
  1. am agreeing to
  2. are agreeing to
  3. is agreeing to
  4. are agreeing to
  5. are agreeing to
  6. are agreeing to
  1. be agreed to
  2. be agreed to
  3. be agreed to
  4. be agreed to
  5. be agreed to
  6. be agreed to
  1. agree to!
  2. let's agree to!
  3. agreed to
  4. agreeing to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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