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  1. go forth:


Detailed Synonyms for go forth in English

go forth:

go forth verb

  1. go forth
    – come out of 1
    to issue; to emerge; to come out; egress; go forth; come forth
    – come out of 1
    • issue verb (issues, issued, issuing)
      • Water issued from the hole in the wall1
    • emerge verb (emerges, emerged, emerging)
    • come out verb (comes out, came out, coming out)
      • The words seemed to come out by themselves1
    • egress verb
    • go forth verb
    • come forth verb
  2. go forth
    – go away from a place 1
    to leave; to go away; go forth
    – go away from a place 1
    • leave verb (leaves, left, leaving)
      • At what time does your train leave?1
      • She didn't leave until midnight1
      • The ship leaves at midnight1
    • go away verb (goes away, went away, going away)
    • go forth verb

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  1. come out of1
  2. go away from a place1

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