Detailed Synonyms for lay in in English

lay in:

to lay in verb (lays in, laid in, laying in)

  1. to lay in
    to stock; to go shopping; to take in; to do the shopping; to lay in; to do some shopping
    • stock verb (stocks, stocked, stocking)
    • go shopping verb (goes shopping, went shopping, going shopping)
    • take in verb (takes in, took in, taking in)
    • do the shopping verb (does the shopping, did the shopping, doing the shopping)
    • lay in verb (lays in, laid in, laying in)
    • do some shopping verb (does some shopping, did some shopping, doing some shopping)
    to shop
    – do one's shopping 1
    • shop verb (shops, shopped, shopping)
      • She goes shopping every Friday1
  2. to lay in
    – keep or lay aside for future use 1
    to store; to put in; to lay in; to stash away; salt away; stack away; hive away
    – keep or lay aside for future use 1
    • store verb (stores, stored, storing)
      • store grain for the winter1
      • The bear stores fat for the period of hibernation when he doesn't eat1
    • put in verb (puts in, put in, putting in)
    • lay in verb (lays in, laid in, laying in)
    • stash away verb (stashs away, stashed away, stashing away)
    • salt away verb
    • stack away verb
    • hive away verb

Conjugations for lay in:

  1. lay in
  2. lay in
  3. lays in
  4. lay in
  5. lay in
  6. lay in
simple past
  1. laid in
  2. laid in
  3. laid in
  4. laid in
  5. laid in
  6. laid in
present perfect
  1. have laid in
  2. have laid in
  3. has laid in
  4. have laid in
  5. have laid in
  6. have laid in
past continuous
  1. was laying in
  2. were laying in
  3. was laying in
  4. were laying in
  5. were laying in
  6. were laying in
  1. shall lay in
  2. will lay in
  3. will lay in
  4. shall lay in
  5. will lay in
  6. will lay in
continuous present
  1. am laying in
  2. are laying in
  3. is laying in
  4. are laying in
  5. are laying in
  6. are laying in
  1. be laid in
  2. be laid in
  3. be laid in
  4. be laid in
  5. be laid in
  6. be laid in
  1. lay in!
  2. let's lay in!
  3. laid in
  4. laying in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Related Definitions for "lay in":

  1. keep or lay aside for future use1

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