Detailed Synonyms for maids in English


maids [the ~] noun

  1. the maids
    the servant girls; the servants; the maids; the maid servants
  2. the maids
    the servants; the maids; the domestics; the domestic workers; the domestic helpers
  3. the maids
    the virgins; the maids; the maidens

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maid [the ~] noun

  1. the maid
    the spinster; the maid
  2. the maid
    – an unmarried girl (especially a virgin) 1
    the maiden; the maid
    – an unmarried girl (especially a virgin) 1
  3. the maid
    – a female domestic 1
    the maid; the housemaid; the maidservant; the amah
    – a female domestic 1


  1. maid

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  1. an unmarried girl (especially a virgin)1
  2. a female domestic1

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