Detailed Synonyms for make known in English

make known:

to make known verb (makes known, made known, making known)

  1. to make known
    to notify; to inform; to make known; to send word
    • notify verb (notifies, notified, notifying)
    • inform verb (informs, informed, informing)
    • make known verb (makes known, made known, making known)
    • send word verb (sends word, sent word, sending word)
  2. to make known
    to inform; to point out; to indicate; to tell; to instil; to call attention to; to make known; to instill
    • inform verb (informs, informed, informing)
    • point out verb (points out, pointed out, pointing out)
    • indicate verb (indicates, indicated, indicating)
    • tell verb (tells, told, telling)
    • instil verb, British (instils, instilled, instilling)
    • call attention to verb (calls attention to, called attention to, calling attention to)
    • make known verb (makes known, made known, making known)
    • instill verb, American

Conjugations for make known:

  1. make known
  2. make known
  3. makes known
  4. make known
  5. make known
  6. make known
simple past
  1. made known
  2. made known
  3. made known
  4. made known
  5. made known
  6. made known
present perfect
  1. have made known
  2. have made known
  3. has made known
  4. have made known
  5. have made known
  6. have made known
past continuous
  1. was making known
  2. were making known
  3. was making known
  4. were making known
  5. were making known
  6. were making known
  1. shall make known
  2. will make known
  3. will make known
  4. shall make known
  5. will make known
  6. will make known
continuous present
  1. am making known
  2. are making known
  3. is making known
  4. are making known
  5. are making known
  6. are making known
  1. be made known
  2. be made known
  3. be made known
  4. be made known
  5. be made known
  6. be made known
  1. make known!
  2. let's make known!
  3. made known
  4. making known
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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