Detailed Synonyms for part with in English

part with:

to part with verb (parts with, parted with, parting with)

  1. to part with
    – give up what is not strictly needed 1
    to spare; to give up; to part with; dispense with
    – give up what is not strictly needed 1
    • spare verb (spares, spared, sparing)
      • he asked if they could spare one of their horses to speed his journey1
    • give up verb (gives up, gave up, giving up)
    • part with verb (parts with, parted with, parting with)

Conjugations for part with:

  1. part with
  2. part with
  3. parts with
  4. part with
  5. part with
  6. part with
simple past
  1. parted with
  2. parted with
  3. parted with
  4. parted with
  5. parted with
  6. parted with
present perfect
  1. have parted with
  2. have parted with
  3. has parted with
  4. have parted with
  5. have parted with
  6. have parted with
past continuous
  1. was parting with
  2. were parting with
  3. was parting with
  4. were parting with
  5. were parting with
  6. were parting with
  1. shall part with
  2. will part with
  3. will part with
  4. shall part with
  5. will part with
  6. will part with
continuous present
  1. am parting with
  2. are parting with
  3. is parting with
  4. are parting with
  5. are parting with
  6. are parting with
  1. be parted with
  2. be parted with
  3. be parted with
  4. be parted with
  5. be parted with
  6. be parted with
  1. part with!
  2. let's part with!
  3. parted with
  4. parting with
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Related Definitions for "part with":

  1. give up what is not strictly needed1

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