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Detailed Translations for abort from English to Spanish


to abort verb (aborts, aborted, aborting)

  1. to abort
  2. to abort
    – To terminate abruptly, often used in reference to a program or procedure in progress. 1

Conjugations for abort:

  1. abort
  2. abort
  3. aborts
  4. abort
  5. abort
  6. abort
simple past
  1. aborted
  2. aborted
  3. aborted
  4. aborted
  5. aborted
  6. aborted
present perfect
  1. have aborted
  2. have aborted
  3. has aborted
  4. have aborted
  5. have aborted
  6. have aborted
past continuous
  1. was aborting
  2. were aborting
  3. was aborting
  4. were aborting
  5. were aborting
  6. were aborting
  1. shall abort
  2. will abort
  3. will abort
  4. shall abort
  5. will abort
  6. will abort
continuous present
  1. am aborting
  2. are aborting
  3. is aborting
  4. are aborting
  5. are aborting
  6. are aborting
  1. be aborted
  2. be aborted
  3. be aborted
  4. be aborted
  5. be aborted
  6. be aborted
  1. abort!
  2. let's abort!
  3. aborted
  4. aborting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for abort:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anular lifting; revoking; withdrawal
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abortar abort
anular abort abandon; abolish; annul; cancel; cancel an appointment; decline; delete; desist; hold up; neutralise; neutralize; nullify; postpone; recall; recant; refuse; reject; repeal; rescind; resign; reverse; revoke; slacken; strike out; terminate; turn down; undo; unhitch; unpick; void
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- miscarry
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anular circular; ring-shaped; rotund; round

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Synonyms for "abort":

Related Definitions for "abort":

  1. the act of terminating a project or procedure before it is completed2
    • I wasted a year of my life working on an abort2
    • he sent a short message requesting an abort due to extreme winds in the area2
  2. terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion2
  3. cease development, die, and be aborted2
    • an aborting fetus2
  4. terminate before completion2
    • abort the mission2
    • abort the process running on my computer2
  5. To terminate abruptly, often used in reference to a program or procedure in progress.1

Wiktionary Translations for abort:

  1. miscarriage
  1. to miscarry

Cross Translation:
abort abortar aborteren — een foetus weghalen
abort interrumpir abbrechen(transitiv), Computer: Prozess annullieren
abort dejar de; romper; interrumpir abbrechen — (transitiv) etwas beenden, unterbrechen
abort fallar fehlschlagen — nicht den gewünschten Erfolg bringen
abort interrupción; ruptura Abbruch — das beenden von etwas
abort abortar avorter — biologie|fr mettre bas accidentellement un fœtus non viable (pour les femmes, on dit « faire une fausse couche »).