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Detailed Translations for animal from English to Spanish


animal [the ~] noun

  1. the animal (beast)
    – a living organism characterized by voluntary movement 1
    el bicho; el animal; la bestia

Translation Matrix for animal:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
animal animal; beast creep; nasty piece of work; pain in the ass; pain in the neck; rotter; scoundrel; wretch; wretched fellow
bestia animal; beast barbarian; brute; cruel person; fiend
bicho animal; beast
- animate being; beast; brute; creature; fauna
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- carnal; fleshly; sensual
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bestial; carnal
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
animal beastly; bestial

Related Words for "animal":

Synonyms for "animal":

  • carnal; fleshly; sensual; physical
  • alligator-like; amoeba-like; ameba-like; animallike; animal-like; antelope-like; ant-like; arachnid-like; badger-like; beaver-like; bee-like; birdlike; bird-like; carp-like; catlike; cat-like; cicada-like; cod-like; cow-like; cranelike; crane-like; cricket-like; crocodile-like; dace-like; deer-like; dinosaur-like; duck-like; eaglelike; eagle-like; elephant-like; ferret-like; finch-like; fishlike; fish-like; foxlike; fox-like; frog-like; goat-like; grub-like; gull-like; hare-like; hawklike; hawk-like; herring-like; horselike; horse-like; insectlike; insect-like; lizard-like; lobster-like; mammal-like; mongoose-like; monkey-like; mosquito-like; moth-like; mullet-like; ostrich-like; perch-like; pigeon-like; pig-like; pike-like; plover-like; protozoa-like; quail-like; raccoon-like; ray-like; reptile-like; rodent-like; salmon-like; sandpiper-like; scorpion-like; shad-like; shrike-like; shrimp-like; siskin-like; sloth-like; snake-like; snake-shaped; snail-like; sparrow-like; spitz-like; squirrel-like; starfish-like; stork-like; tadpole-like; thrush-like; troutlike; trout-like; tuna-like; turkey-like; vole-like; whippoorwill-like
  • animate being; beast; brute; creature; fauna; organism; being

Antonyms for "animal":

Related Definitions for "animal":

  1. marked by the appetites and passions of the body1
    • animal instincts1
  2. a living organism characterized by voluntary movement1

Wiktionary Translations for animal:

  1. of animals
  1. organism

Cross Translation:
animal animal dier — met zintuigen uitgerust meercellig organisme dat zijn energie verkrijgt uit andere dierlijke of plantaardige organismen
animal animal; animalista animalisch — nach Art der Tiere, von Tieren herkommend, tierisch
animal animal; bestial; brutal tierisch — in der Art und Weise eines Tieres, sich auf ein Tier beziehend, zu einem Tier gehörig
animal animal; bestia animal — zoologie|nocat=1 métazoaire ; être organisé, doué de sensibilité et de mouvement, et reproductible au sein de son espèce.
animal animal; bestia bête — Tout animal autre que l’Homme.

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