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Detailed Translations for arrival from English to Spanish


arrival [the ~] noun

  1. the arrival (arriving; coming)
    la llegada
  2. the arrival (coming)
    la entrada
  3. the arrival (entry)
    la entrada; el ingresos
  4. the arrival (entry; entrance; incoming; entering)
    la entrada; la llegada

Translation Matrix for arrival:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entrada arrival; coming; entering; entrance; entry; incoming access; access route; admission; admittance; bust; deposit; door; doorway; down payment; drive; entrance; entranceway; entry; foyer; front door; hall; headword; invasion; lemma; lobby; police raid; printing of a story; raid; registration; reservation; street door; theatre-ticket; vestibule
ingresos arrival; entry allowance; compensation; enterings; fee; income; merits; pay; payment; receivings; revenue; salary; wage; wages
llegada advent; arrival; arriving; coming; coming over; entering; entrance; entry; incoming entry; finish; finishing line; finishing point
- arriver; comer; reaching

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Synonyms for "arrival":

Related Definitions for "arrival":

  1. accomplishment of an objective1
  2. the act of arriving at a certain place1
    • they awaited her arrival1
  3. someone who arrives (or has arrived)1

Wiktionary Translations for arrival:

  1. act of arriving or something that has arrived

Cross Translation:
arrival llegada aankomst — de bestemming bereiken, het aankomen
arrival arribada; llegada Ankunft — das eintreffen an einem bestimmten Ziel; das ankommen
arrival llegada arrivageabord, arrivée des navires dans un port.
arrival llegada arrivéeaction d’arriver.
arrival aprovisionamiento; suministro fournitureprovision fournir ou à fournir.
arrival aprovisionamiento; abastacimiento ravitaillement — logistique|fr action de ravitailler.
arrival llegada; venida venueaction de venir, arrivée.

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