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Detailed Translations for ballad from English to Spanish


ballad [the ~] noun

  1. the ballad (song; ditty; melody)
    la canción
  2. the ballad (song)
    el canto; la balada; el cántico; el romance
  3. the ballad (melody; tune; song)
    la melodía; el aire; la tonadilla

Translation Matrix for ballad:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aire ballad; melody; song; tune air; appearance; bearing; deportment; ditty; exterior; firmament; fresh air; grand manner; heaven; look; looks; open air; open-air; sky; song; tune
balada ballad; song singing
canción ballad; ditty; melody; song singing
canto ballad; song chirping; singing; twittering; whistling
cántico ballad; song church-singing; hymns; psalms; singing
melodía ballad; melody; song; tune air; ditty; melody; song; tune
romance ballad; song amorous adventure; courtship; love affair; relationship; romance; romanticism; wooing
tonadilla ballad; melody; song; tune melody; song; tune
- lay

Related Words for "ballad":

  • ballads

Synonyms for "ballad":

Related Definitions for "ballad":

  1. a narrative poem of popular origin1
  2. a narrative song with a recurrent refrain1

Wiktionary Translations for ballad:

  1. slow romantic pop song
  2. narrative poem

Cross Translation:
ballad copla; cuplé; canción chanson — (musique) texte mettre en musique, divisé en strophes ou couplets, avec ou sans refrain.

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