Detailed Translations for barricade from English to Spanish


barricade [the ~] noun

  1. the barricade
    la barrera; la obstrucción; el cerca; la valla; el obstáculo; la barricada
  2. the barricade (blockade; roadblock)
    el bloqueo; la barricada

to barricade verb (barricades, barricaded, barricading)

  1. to barricade (block; obstruct; bar)

Conjugations for barricade:

  1. barricade
  2. barricade
  3. barricades
  4. barricade
  5. barricade
  6. barricade
simple past
  1. barricaded
  2. barricaded
  3. barricaded
  4. barricaded
  5. barricaded
  6. barricaded
present perfect
  1. have barricaded
  2. have barricaded
  3. has barricaded
  4. have barricaded
  5. have barricaded
  6. have barricaded
past continuous
  1. was barricading
  2. were barricading
  3. was barricading
  4. were barricading
  5. were barricading
  6. were barricading
  1. shall barricade
  2. will barricade
  3. will barricade
  4. shall barricade
  5. will barricade
  6. will barricade
continuous present
  1. am barricading
  2. are barricading
  3. is barricading
  4. are barricading
  5. are barricading
  6. are barricading
  1. be barricaded
  2. be barricaded
  3. be barricaded
  4. be barricaded
  5. be barricaded
  6. be barricaded
  1. barricade!
  2. let's barricade!
  3. barricaded
  4. barricading
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for barricade:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
barrera barricade bar; barrier; close-down; closing; crossing barrier; dividing wall; doorstep; hindrance; impediment; locking; obstacle; obstruction; partition; partition-wall; roadblock; sealing; shutting; stumbling block; threshold; wall
barricada barricade; blockade; roadblock bar; barrier; blockade; roadblock
bloqueo barricade; blockade; roadblock blockade; lock; lockout; roadblock
cerca barricade barrier; fence; fencing
obstaculizar hampering; impeding; interfering with
obstrucción barricade bar; barrier; block; blockage; breaking down; coming to a standstill; congelation; congestion; constipation; failing; hindrance; hold-up; impediment; jam; obstacle; obstruction; reaching a deadlock; stagnation; stonewalling; stoppage; stumbling block; thwarting; trouble; weighting
obstruir hampering; impeding; interfering with
obstáculo barricade bar; barrier; difficulty; hindrance; impediment; obstacle; obstruction; stumbling block
valla barricade fence; fencing; hoarding; hurdle; lattice-works; partition; trellis work
- roadblock
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bloquear bar; barricade; block; obstruct block; button grid; keep from; lock; obstruct; prevent
levantar barricadas en bar; barricade; block; obstruct keep from; obstruct; prevent
obstaculizar bar; barricade; block; obstruct cause failure; coagulate; counteract; cross; curdle; frustrate; hamper; hinder; impede; keep from; obstruct; oppose; prevent; resist; sabotage; stem; stop; thwart; upset; withstand
obstruir bar; barricade; block; obstruct coagulate; curdle; hinder; make harder; make heavier; make more difficult; thwart
poner trabas a bar; barricade; block; obstruct
- bar; barricado; block; block off; block up; blockade; stop
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bloqueo crash
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cerca close; close by; close to; narrowly; near; nearby

Related Words for "barricade":

  • barricading, barricades

Synonyms for "barricade":

Related Definitions for "barricade":

  1. a barrier (usually thrown up hastily) to impede the advance of an enemy1
    • they stormed the barricade1
  2. a barrier set up by police to stop traffic on a street or road in order to catch a fugitive or inspect traffic etc.1
  3. block off with barricades1
  4. prevent access to by barricading1
    • The street where the President lives is always barricaded1
  5. render unsuitable for passage1
    • barricade the streets1

Wiktionary Translations for barricade:

  1. a barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defence

Cross Translation:
barricade barricada Barrikade — ein Schutzwall im Straßenkampf, der aus Gegenständen des alltäglichen Lebens meist improvisiert zusammengestellt wird

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