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barrier [the ~] noun

  1. the barrier (obstacle; impediment; hindrance)
    el obstáculo; el estorbo; la roca; el escollo
  2. the barrier
    la barrera; la cerca
  3. the barrier
    el barrera
  4. the barrier (obstacle; hindrance; impediment; stumbling block; bar)
    la barrera; el obstáculo; la obstrucción
  5. the barrier (closing; close-down; partition; locking; shutting)
    la cerradura; el cierre; la clausura; el barrera
  6. the barrier (roadblock; bar)
    la barrera; la barricada; el puesto de contról

Translation Matrix for barrier:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
barrera bar; barrier; close-down; closing; hindrance; impediment; locking; obstacle; partition; roadblock; shutting; stumbling block barricade; crossing barrier; dividing wall; doorstep; hindrance; impediment; obstruction; partition-wall; sealing; threshold; wall
barricada bar; barrier; roadblock barricade; blockade; roadblock
cerca barrier barricade; fence; fencing
cerradura barrier; close-down; closing; locking; partition; shutting biking lock; castle; catch; château; citadel; clasp-fastening; clasp-lock; concluding observations; concluding remarks; conclusion; door lock; fasteners; fort; fortification; fortified building; fortress; in conclusion; knight's castle; latch; lock; spring-bolt; stronghold; termination
cierre barrier; close-down; closing; locking; partition; shutting abolishing; biking lock; bolt; cancelation; castle; catch; château; citadel; clasp; clasp-fastening; clasp-lock; close out; discontinuance; fort; fortification; fortified building; fortress; knight's castle; latch; liquidation; removal; spring-bolt; stronghold; zip; zip-fastener; zipper
clausura barrier; close-down; closing; locking; partition; shutting conclusion; end; ending; termination
escollo barrier; hindrance; impediment; obstacle
estorbo barrier; hindrance; impediment; obstacle argy-bargy; chicanery; commotion; difficulty; fuss; hassle; hindrance; hotchpotch; hubble-bubble; impediment; inconvenience; jumble; load; medley; mishmash; nuisance; obstruction; squabbling; stir; trouble making; weight
obstrucción bar; barrier; hindrance; impediment; obstacle; stumbling block barricade; block; blockage; breaking down; coming to a standstill; congelation; congestion; constipation; failing; hindrance; hold-up; impediment; jam; obstacle; obstruction; reaching a deadlock; stagnation; stonewalling; stoppage; thwarting; trouble; weighting
obstáculo bar; barrier; hindrance; impediment; obstacle; stumbling block barricade; difficulty; hindrance; impediment; obstacle; obstruction; stumbling block
puesto de contról bar; barrier; roadblock
roca barrier; hindrance; impediment; obstacle bluff; boulder; precipice; rock; rock formation; rock-face; stone; stones
- roadblock
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cerca close; close by; close to; narrowly; near; nearby

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Related Definitions for "barrier":

  1. a structure or object that impedes free movement1
  2. any condition that makes it difficult to make progress or to achieve an objective1
    • intolerance is a barrier to understanding1
  3. anything serving to maintain separation by obstructing vision or access1

Wiktionary Translations for barrier:

  1. boundary or limit
  2. structure that bars passage
  3. obstacle or impediment

Cross Translation:
barrier barrera Barriereallgemein: ein Hindernis, welches Räume trennt oder abgrenzt
barrier obstáculo Hindernis — ein Gegenstand, der das Weiterkommen verhindern oder behindern
barrier barrera; obstrucción; reja; valla barrièreassemblage de plusieurs pièces de bois ou d'autres matériaux, servir à fermer un passage.

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