Detailed Translations for bother from English to Spanish


Conjugations for bother:

  1. bother
  2. bother
  3. bothers
  4. bother
  5. bother
  6. bother
simple past
  1. bothered
  2. bothered
  3. bothered
  4. bothered
  5. bothered
  6. bothered
present perfect
  1. have bothered
  2. have bothered
  3. has bothered
  4. have bothered
  5. have bothered
  6. have bothered
past continuous
  1. was bothering
  2. were bothering
  3. was bothering
  4. were bothering
  5. were bothering
  6. were bothering
  1. shall bother
  2. will bother
  3. will bother
  4. shall bother
  5. will bother
  6. will bother
continuous present
  1. am bothering
  2. are bothering
  3. is bothering
  4. are bothering
  5. are bothering
  6. are bothering
  1. be bothered
  2. be bothered
  3. be bothered
  4. be bothered
  5. be bothered
  6. be bothered
  1. bother!
  2. let's bother!
  3. bothered
  4. bothering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

bother [the ~] noun

  1. the bother (nuisance; hindrance; trouble; obstacle)
    la molestia
  2. the bother (hassle; mess; fuss)
    el ajetreo; la trapisonda; el embrollo
  3. the bother (fuzz; rumpus; huzza; )
    el embrollo; el lío; el barullo; el estado; la situación

Translation Matrix for bother:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ajetreo bother; fuss; hassle; mess bustle; commotion; din; flow; fuss; fuss and bother; hubbub; hurrying; hustle; hustle and bustle; influx; rush; squash; stampede; to-do; worry
barullo ado; bother; fuzz; huzza; mess; rumpus; to-do bustle; caboodle; chaos; clamor; clamour; din; fight; flow; game of rough-and-tumble; hash; hubbub; hullabaloo; hustle; hustle and bustle; influx; mayhem; mess; muddle; noise; racket; revolt; riot; romp; romping; rush; squash; stampede; thunder; thunder strokes; tumult; tumultuousness
cavilar contriving; musing
dificultar hampering; impeding; interfering with
embrollo ado; bother; fuss; fuzz; hassle; huzza; mess; rumpus; to-do entanglement; fuss and bother; interlocking; intrige; plot; to-do; worry
estado ado; bother; fuzz; huzza; mess; rumpus; to-do approval status; availability; condition; country; criterion; empire; kingdom; nation; online status; payment status; position; situation; state; status
fastidiar tormenting
lío ado; bother; fuzz; huzza; mess; rumpus; to-do affair; argy-bargy; beastliness; bundle; bustle; commotion; complication; din; distress; entanglement; flirt; fuss; hubble-bubble; hubbub; hustle; hustle and bustle; interlocking; intrige; petting-party; plot; problem; squabbling; stir; trouble
molestia bother; hindrance; nuisance; obstacle; trouble ailment; argy-bargy; block; chicanery; commotion; complaint; daily pursuit; daily worry; difficulty; discomfort; discontent; discord; disease; disorder; dissatisfaction; fight; fuss; game of rough-and-tumble; hassle; hindrance; hotchpotch; hubble-bubble; impediment; inconvenience; jumble; load; medley; mishmash; nuisance; obstacle; obstruction; romp; romping; squabbling; stir; stonewalling; thwarting; trouble; trouble making; unpleasantness; weight
situación ado; bother; fuzz; huzza; mess; rumpus; to-do condition; location; orientation; position; siting; situation; state
trapisonda bother; fuss; hassle; mess misery; misfortune; sorrow; squalor; trouble; worry
- annoyance; botheration; fuss; hassle; infliction; pain; pain in the ass; pain in the neck; trouble
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afligir bother; harass; trouble; visit badger; fool; hoax; hoodwink; swindle; tease; trick; vex
agobiarse bother; brood; fret; mope; worry
agotarse bother; brood; fret; mope; worry brood; exhaust yourself; fret; worry
amohinarse bother; brood; fret; mope; worry brood; fret; worry
atormentar bother; harass; trouble; visit badger; bait; fool; give rise to; hoax; hoodwink; needle; provoke; swindle; tease; trick; vex
atormentarse bother; brood; fret; mope; worry break one's head; brood; fret; puzzle; worry
castigar bother; harass; trouble; visit beat up; chastise; discipline; knock about; punish
cavilar bother; brood; fret; mope; worry muse
complicar bother; make difficult; make things difficult; trouble complicate; entangle; hinder; intricate; make harder; make heavier; make it difficult; make it hard; make more difficult; thwart
dar vueltas a la cabeza bother; brood; fret; mope; worry break one's head; brood; fret; puzzle; worry
dificultar bother; make difficult; make things difficult; trouble block; counteract; cross; hamper; hinder; impede; make harder; make heavier; make impossible; make more difficult; oppose; prevent; resist; sabotage; stem; stop; thwart; upset; withstand
enfurruñarse bother; brood; fret; mope; worry be furious; brood; fret; nurse a grievance; pout; sulk; worry
fastidiar bother; harass; trouble; visit anger; annoy; antagonise; antagonize; badger; be a nuisance; bully; cause irritation; chafe; complain; complaint; deplore; despise; disdain; disregard; fool; give offence; gripe; harass; harp; have something on one's mind; hoax; hold in contempt; hoodwink; irritate; irritating; look down upon; nag; pester; provoke; scorn; slight; swindle; tease; tedious; tiresome; treat with disregard; trick; vex
gastar bromas bother; harass; trouble; visit
incurrir en obstrucción bother; hamper; hinder; impede; obstruct; stonewall
molestar annoy; bother; disturb; harass; interrupt; trouble; visit antagonise; antagonize; badger; be a nuisance; bully; harass; molest; nag; pester; provoke; tease
- discommode; disoblige; incommode; inconvenience; inconvenience oneself; put out; trouble; trouble oneself
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- trouble

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Related Definitions for "bother":

  1. something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness1
    • a bit of a bother1
  2. an angry disturbance1
    • a spot of bother1
  3. make confused or perplexed or puzzled1
  4. make nervous or agitated1
    • The mere thought of her bothered him and made his heart beat faster1
  5. intrude or enter uninvited1
    • Don't bother the professor while she is grading term papers1
  6. take the trouble to do something; concern oneself1
    • Don't bother, please1
  7. to cause inconvenience or discomfort to1

Wiktionary Translations for bother:

  1. fuss, ado
  1. to annoy, disturb

Cross Translation:
bother molestar inkommodierenin Österreich noch gebräuchlich, veraltend: belästigen, stören, jemandem Unannehmlichkeiten oder Mühe bereiten; „verunbequemen“
bother lío; problema; apuro emmerde — populaire|fr terme|souvent au pluriel situation ou affaire délicate qui provoque de l’inquiétude, de l’angoisse ou de la contrariété.
bother plomazo; lío; apuro emmerdement — populaire|fr situation particulièrement fastidieuse ou lassante.
bother molestar; estorbar; dificultar; perturbar gêner — Causer de la gêne
bother afligir; entristecer; esforzarse; afanarse peiner — Faire de la peine, causer du chagrin, de l’inquiétude, affliger.
bother perturbar perturbertroubler, changer les habitudes, la condition physique ou psychique d'un individu.

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